Sports Betting Guide

Welcome to the sports betting guide section of  This section is meant to provide a general guide to online sports betting with many broad sports betting articles that are meant to improve your online sports betting knowledge and hopefully improve your sports betting bottom line.

If you are looking for sport specific betting articles such as how to bet on a certain sport or betting tips for a specific sport then you should visit that sports section on our website.  You can find links to the specific sports betting sections on the right sidebar, under the ‘Specific Sports Guides’ heading.

General Sports Betting Articles

Find The Best Odds – This article describes one of the biggest tips we can give you about online sports betting.  Always compare odds.

General Sports Betting Tips – Here are some sports betting tips that can be applied to every sporting event.

How To Bet On Sports Online – An extremely simple and straight forward 3 step guide showing you how to place your first sports bet online.

Live Sports Betting – Live betting is growing in online sports betting and how live sports betting can benefit you and increase your live game excitement.

Mise-o-jeu Betting – Mise-o-jeu betting is a sports betting program run by the Quebec provincial government.  Learn the truth about mise-o-jeu betting.

Money Back Specials – In this article I explain what these lucrative sportsbook promotions are and how to take advantage of them to guarantee a profit.

Parimutuel Betting – Learn about the betting system that is used in horse racing and how it differs from fixed odds betting against the sportsbook.

Proline Betting – Proline is a popular government run sports betting program run in Canada.  Learn the truth about proline betting and how it is impossible to beat.

Proline Picks – Check out another example of how the payout of ProLine picks compare to the payout of the exact same picks at an online sportsbook.

Sports Action Betting – Sports Action is another government run sports betting program that offers poor odds.  Learn the truth about this British Columbia sports lottery.

Sportsbook Bonus Codes – Learn about sportsbook bonus codes including why sportsbooks use them, how to use bonus codes to your advantage and where to find the best codes.

Sportsbooks Can Post Wrong Odds – It’s rare, but from time to time the bookmakers will post the wrong odds.  This article will look at an example of a sportsbook posting the wrong odds and explain some of the policies most sportsbooks have in place to avoid being taken advantage of based on human error.

Understanding Sportsbook Bonuses – Sportsbook bonuses can be very lucrative, but it is important that you understand how they work in order to use them to the best of your ability.

Betting Types Explained

1X2 Bets – This betting options, which is also called full-time betting or three-way betting, is a popular soccer betting option where the 1 indicates the away team, the X indicates a draw and the 2 indicates the home team.

Asian Handicap Bets – Asian handicap betting has become increasingly popular for soccer bettors.  It is a little bit difficult to get your head around, but this article explains Asian handicap bets in great detail with a thorough example.

Double Chance Bets – This betting option is available when there are three possible outcomes and you want to fade one of them.  Take a look at an example of a double chance bet and learn what calculations to perform to find out if the double chance bet has favorable odds.

Draw No Bet – I take a look at the draw no bet option, explain what it is and perform some calculations to compare the odds to betting the 1X2 odds.

Each-Way Bets – Check out my explanation of what each-way bets are with a detailed example.  Each-way bets can definitely be a little bit confusing.

Futures Bets – Learn what futures bets are, why bettors enjoy them and which are the most popular.

Goal Line Bets – Learn what goal line betting is and look at some examples of different types of goal line bets.

If Bets – This article explains what ‘if bets’ are and when you would use them.

Parlay Bets – Understand how parlay bets work, how to calculate parlay bet odds and when parlay bets are commonly used.

Prop Bets – Understand what constitutes a proposition bet, which sportsbook generally offers the most and if it is possible to win betting props over the long run.

Round Robin Bets – If you want to place a variety of smaller parlay bets on the same few teams then round robin bets are for you.  Learn how they work here.

Ten Cent Lines – Learn about 10-cent betting lines with examples of why they are player friendly and comparisons to 20-cent lines.

Teaser Bets – Learn how teaser bets work for football and basketball games and the typical payouts associated with different teasers.

Scorecast Betting – Find an explanation of scorecast bets in soccer, including an example and some tips on when scorecast bets can be profitable.

Wincast Betting – An explanation of wincast bets in soccer, which involves predicting both the team to win the game and one of the players to score for the winning team during the match.

Winning Margin Betting – This article explains how winning margin bets work, provides examples for baseball and football and explains when these can be +ROI bets.

Specific Sports Betting Sections

Each of these sections provide detailed information about betting on a specific sport.  Every sport has different types of bets, betting tips and we recommend different sportsbooks for different sports.  If you are interested in learning more about betting on a specific sport then check out that section below:

Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Bitcoin – The worlds most secure cryptocurrency is a great option for sports betting deposits and withdrawals. Not having to use your personal bank or credit card information online is a huge plus.
  • Ethereum – The second most popular cryptocurrency allows fast, easy and secure deposits and withdrawals at online betting sites.
  • Litecoin – Often thought of as Bitcoins little brother, Litecoin is another safe, secure and transparent cryptocurrency deposit option.

Sports Betting in United States Cities

I’ve started putting together some location focused pages outlining the betting options in various cities and states.