Proline Betting – Why Not To Bet On Proline

Proline is a provincial government run sports betting program that is offered in the majority of Canadian provinces.  Betting on proline is a popular pastime of many Canadians who have not yet opened an online sports betting account.  Proline only offers parlay bets of 2 to 6 or 3 to 6 outcomes depending on which province the proline ticket is purchased in.  Proline is a lot of fun and it is a great way for the provincial governments in Canada to make money while providing a sports betting option to citizens.

That being said, individuals who bet using proline are leaving ridiculous amounts of potential winnings on the table.  This article will compare proline betting to online sports betting and hopefully unveil the truth about betting on proline.

The Truth About Proline Betting

The truth is that proline betting odds are so bad that it is considered impossible to make a profit betting at proline over the long term.  This idea has been held up in the court of law when it was ruled that two brothers who had netted over $5 million on proline bets over five years did not have to pay tax on the winnings.  That ruling came because the court decided that no amount of skill could win money on proline over the long term.

Online sports bettors typically add 10% of juice on sports bets.  That means that if there was absolutely no favourite a bettor would have to wager $110 to win $100 from the sportsbook.  With proline the juice is a minimum of 60%!  Betting with proline is just not a smart decision when online sportsbook options are available.

Let’s look at an example.  Below we will compare the payout of the same three team parlay wager with Proline and, one of our top rated Canadian sportsbooks:

Proline vs Bodog March 3rd

As you can clearly see, the ProLine picks provided a potential payout of $184.60 and Bodog provided a potential winnings of $481.75!

Betting With Bodog Won $307.15 (161%) More Than Proline

The teams used in this example were chosen at random and were not meant to amplify the difference in payout between Proline and online sportsbook  As you can see, the winnings was far over double the Proline payout when wagering on identical teams.  Check out todays Proline odds compared with the same ones found at to see the difference for yourself.

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Bodog is our top rated sportsbook for Canadian residents because they are going above and beyond to attempt to gain a larger market share in Canada.  Bodog has the easiest deposit and withdrawal methods for Canadians, which include credit card, Interac e-transfer and direct bank transfer.  Bodog is also one of the most well known and respected names in online sports betting and they are committed to continue to provide a great product to Canadian bettors.  Check out our full Bodog review.

Reasons to Bet Sports Online Over Proline

1. Make More Money – As proven earlier in this article online betting is much more lucrative that proline betting.  Placing bets online can reward you with almost double the possible payouts as betting with proline.  This reason alone should be enough to convince you to open an online betting account to start placing your sports wagers.

2. Faster Payouts – In order to receive your proline winnings you must venture out to your local proline supplier to cash in your proline ticket.  In comparison, online sportsbook winnings are paid instantly into your online betting account when your wager has won.

3. Bet Any Amount – Proline only allows you to place a variety of wagers, 15 to be exact, between $2 and $100.  Online bookies allow wager amounts down to the penny including wagers of less than $2 or much more than $100.

4. Convenience – To wager with proline you must make a special trip to your local proline outlet, betting sheet and receive your ticket.  Then you have to head back to a proline outlet to collect your winnings.  That is if you can locate your winning proline ticket!  With online sports betting you simply log in to your betting account from the comfort of your home, place your wagers and the money instantly arrives when your bets win.

5. Place Any Bet Type – Proline only allows parlay bets of between 3 and 6 teams in most cases.  With online sports betting the options are nearly endless.  You can place straight bets, if bets, futures bets, or if you are still interested, you can also place parlay wagers online!

By now you must be convinced that online sports betting is all around better than Proline betting.  Check out our recommended online sportsbooks to find one that is right for you and start winning the money that you deserve.