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NBA BettingBasketball fanatics, welcome to the NBA betting section of the top sports betting resource on the web.  In this section you will find everything you need for NBA betting from learning about the various NBA betting options, how to place an NBA wager and even some valuable tips to improve your NBA betting success.

Basketball is an exciting game that often comes down to the wire.  When you have action on a game, that last second shot by Steph Curry or Lebron James becomes that much more intense.  Check out the links below to access the other pages in the NBA betting section or continue reading this page to learn more about how to and where to bet on NBA games.

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How to Place NBA Bets

There are a wide variety of NBA betting options available to those of you interested in wagering on basketball.  The most common forms of NBA betting include NBA spread betting, money line betting and over/under betting.  Each of these popular NBA betting options are explained in detail below as well as some other basketball betting possibilities including NBA prop betting and futures betting.

NBA Spread Betting

NBA spread betting is a very popular NBA wager because the spread places the two teams on an even playing field.  In the NBA the difference between a strong team and a weak team can be significant.  In order to make wagering on the underdog more likely to payout and wagering on the favourite more profitable a spread is created that the favourite must cover.  Here is an example:

Toronto Raptors +9.5 (-110)
Miami Heat -9.5 (-110)

In this example the Miami Heat are heavy favourites and a wager on the Heat will only payout if they win by 10 or more points.  The Raptors must either win or lose by fewer than 10 points in order for a Raptors bet to payout.  The (-110) beside the point spread denotes the American style odds associated with each outcome.  In this case a bet of $110 on either outcome would result in a payout of $210, for winnings of $100.

NBA Money Line Betting

Money line betting is simply wagering on which team will win the game outright.  The odds associated with each outcome determine the amount of money that can be won by wagering on either team.  Needless to say a $100 wager on the underdog will pay out more than a wager of the same amount of the favourite.

San Antonio Spurs +140
Phoenix Suns -160

A $100 wager on the Spurs, who are the underdog in this example, would win $140 for a total payout of $240.  To win $100 wagering on the Suns a bettor would have to risk $160.  Money line betting is great because it is very easy to understand and when the game comes down to a final shot, so does your wager.

NBA Over/Under Betting

NBA over/under betting involves wagering on how many total points will be scored in an NBA game.  The oddsmaker will specify a point total and bettors are then able to wager on whether the game will feature more or less points than the set amount.  Let’s check out an example:

Over 212.5 (-110)
Under 212.5 (-110)

If you believe that 213 or more points will be scored in the basketball game then you should place an ‘over’ wager and vice versa if you think 212 or fewer points will be scored.  In some cases the specific total will be a whole number and if the game happens to finish with that exact number of points scored all over/under bets will be pushed.

NBA Futures Betting

Futures betting involves wagering on any outcome that is decided in the future from a variety of events occurring.  The most common NBA futures wager would undoubtedly be which team will win the NBA Championship this year.  Some other popular NBA futures bets include who will win the rookie of the year, which team will win each conference and over/unders on how many wins each team will total this season.