Tennis Betting

Tennis fans, no matter whether you are a Federer or Nadal supporter our tennis betting section will help you better understand how to wager on tennis matches and hopefully increase your tennis betting winnings.  Online tennis betting has increased in popularity in recent years as online sports betting has become more socially acceptable.  People are beginning to realize that tennis matches are just that much more exciting when you have some money on the outcome.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Tennis betting is very straight forward with money line wagers being by far the most common type of tennis bet.  Tennis futures wagers and prop bets are also available.  Each of these three tennis betting types are explained in detail below.

Tennis Money Line Betting

Tennis money line betting involves picking which player you think will win a particular match.  Both players involved will have betting odds associated with them winning the match.  Needless to say the favourite will pay out less than the underdog on the same wager amount.  Here is an example:

Andy Murray +165
Roger Federer -200

In this case, Roger Federer is the favourite, as depicted by the (-) negative sign next to his betting line.  In order to win $100 betting on Federer you must wager $200, which would result in a payout of $300.  Andy Murray on the other hand, is the underdog, as depicted by the (+) positive sign.  A $100 wager on Andy Murray would payout $265, for winnings of $165, if he was able to pull off the upset.  If you are having trouble understanding the tennis betting odds, check out our sports betting odds section to clear up any doubts you may have.

Tennis Futures Betting

Futures betting involves wagering on an outcome that is bigger than any one particular match.  Some typical examples of tennis futures bets include who will win Wimbledon this year, who will finish the year with the number one ranking, how many grand slams will Roger Federer win this year, etc.  Tennis futures bets can be very entertaining because you are able to follow a player through the tournament or the year.  Futures bets can also be a much more satisfying way to wager on favourites such as Federer or Nadal because wagering on either of them in individual matches will pay peanuts, while wagering on them to win a specific tournament  will usually payout a hefty sum.

Tennis Prop Betting

Prop betting is wagering on statistics that are not directly affected by the outcome of the match.  Tennis prop betting is not very common, but certain online bookies do offer some prop betting lines for higher profile tennis matches.  If you are interested in placing tennis prop bets, I suggest signing up with Bet365 because they offer the most and fairest tennis prop bets on the web.  Some examples of tennis prop bets include first set winner, first set score, total games, whether a tie breaker is played in the match and several more.

Bet on Tennis

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