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The beautiful game is played around the world and is by far the most popular sport on Earth.  This fact translates into online sports betting with soccer wagering being very popular, especially in Europe where many clubs offer on-site betting booths where fans can place wagers prior to kick-off.  This page is meant to explain the basics of soccer betting and point you in the right direction of where to place your online soccer bets.  We have also created many dedicated league and odds pages that we suggest you visit if you know which soccer league you intend to bet on.  See the links below:

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How to Place Soccer Bets

There are a wide variety of soccer bets you can place including money line, spread, over/under, prop and futures soccer bets.  Money line betting would be the most popular option as it simply involves picking which team will win the match.  If you are interested in help picking winners check out our soccer betting tips page.

Soccer Money Line Betting

Money line betting is the most popular form of online soccer betting.  It involves simply selecting which team will win the match or if it will end in a draw.  The odds are displayed for each of the three outcomes, with the more unlikely outcomes paying out more.  In soccer, a draw is often considered the second most likely outcome when there is a heavy favourite, or the third most likely outcome when the teams are evenly matched.  Here is a quick example using American style odds:

Wigan Athletic +1300
Chelsea -500
Draw +500

In this example Chelsea is the heavy favourites and a bettor would have to wager $500 on Chelsea for potential winnings of $100.  A draw is unlikely and a $100 wager on a draw would win $500, while Wigan Athletic winning the match is the most unlikely outcome with a $100 wager on this occurring generating winnings of $1300 for the bettor.

Soccer Spread Betting

Spread betting involves evening the playing field by handicapping the favourites.  The favourite in a match must win by more than the spread in order for a wager on the favourite to payout, while a wager on the underdog will payout if the underdog wins, the game ends in a draw or the underdog loses by less than the spread amount.  Here is an example:

Manchester United -2 (-110)
Newcastle United +2 (-110)

Manchester United must win by 3 or more goals for a spread wager on Man U. to payout.  Newcastle must win, lose by 1 or draw the game for a Newcastle United spread wager to payout.  If the game ends with Manchester United winning by 2 goals then the action is pushed and the bets are cancelled.

Soccer Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting involves wagering on the total number of goals that will be scored in a game by both clubs combined.  The bookmaker sets an over/under amount and wagers on “over” payout if more than the set number of goals are scored in the game, while “under” wagers payout if fewer than the specified goal amount are scored.  For example if the over/under number is 2.5 for a match, then “over” bets would win if 3 or more goals were scored during the match, while “under” bets would payout if 2 or fewer goals were scored.

Soccer Prop Betting

Prop betting is an extremely popular form of soccer betting because fans are usually die hard and like to fully immerse themselves in the games and all of the statistics categories.  Some common soccer prop bets include will a player score in a game, when will the first goal be scored, when will the last goal be scored, will a red card be handed out and much more.  Visit our soccer prop betting page for more in depth soccer prop betting information. (Coming Soon)

Soccer Futures Betting

Futures betting involves wagering on an outcome that requires more than one game to decide.  Some typical soccer futures wagers include which team will win the next Champions League, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro Cup or domestic league championships.  Futures wagers are great for following a team or player throughout the year and they often have hefty payouts because there are so many possible outcomes.