MLS Betting

MLS Betting InformationThe MLS is the top professional soccer league in North America.  It was founded in 1993, with the first season taking place in 1996 with 10 teams taking part.  The league has since grown to 16 teams, 15 in the United States and 1 in Canada.  The quality of the MLS has improved dramatically over the past decade with many top European players such as David Beckham and Thierry Henry coming to the MLS to finish their careers.  Keep up with all of the news at

As the MLS has continued to grow in popularity over recent years, so has MLS betting and the MLS betting options you can find online.  The MLS is still a fairly minor league that loses its top players to Europe every year, but being the top soccer league in North America, the MLS still garners plenty of interest and as a result the bookmakers are providing lines for every single MLS match throughout the season.

How to Bet on the MLS

The majority of online sportsbooks currently only offer money line or over/under bets on MLS games.  Money line wagers involve selecting the outcome of the game with potential winnings being determined by the odds associated with that outcome.  In MLS soccer games there are always three outcomes (Team A, Team B or Draw).  With three possible outcomes available every game, each outcome will more than double your bet (unless there’s a huge favourite), which can be lucrative for bettors.  To learn more about soccer betting check out that section of

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Bet on MLS Soccer

BetOnline is our favorite sportsbook for Americans looking to bet on the MLS online.  BetOnline offers the most variety and most bettor friendly MLS lines of any online sportsbook. is already one of our recommended sportsbook for soccer betting and due to their reputation within the industry they are one of our top rated sportsbooks overall. When it comes to MLS betting it’s their betting options that set them apart.  Sign up at now!

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