College Football Betting

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Football is by far the most wagered on sport in North America and a large portion of this comes from diehard college football fans that use their knowledge to make a quick buck.  There are such a wide variety of College Football leagues and teams that it is very possible for a sharp bettor to make a good profit over the college season.  In order to keep up with college football bettors really have to do their homework, but those that are able to stay on top of things will see a profit after the season is done.

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How To Place College Football Bets

Placing a bet on college football is extremely easy.  All you have to do is sign up for an account at an online bookie, fund your account and start betting.  That being said it’s important that you understand the betting options that are available to you.  Spread betting is the most popular form of college football betting, while money line and over/under bets are also quite popular among bettors.

College Football Spread Betting

Spread betting is the most popular form of college football betting because it gives the underdog team a handicap, which puts both teams on an even playing field.  This allows bettors to bet on whether they think the underdog will keep the game closer than the spread amount or if the favourites will win by more than the given handicap.  Here is an example:

Arizona U +3.5
Oklahoma State -3.5

In this example Oklahoma State are 3.5 point favourites (Arizona U have a 3.5 point handicap).  In order for a spread bet on Oklahoma State to win, they must win the game by 4 or more points.  Meanwhile an Arizona U spread bet would payout if Arizona University either won the game or lost by 3 or fewer points.  If there are no odds associated with the spreads than you should assume that each team carries a (-110) odds, meaning a $110 bet would payout $100 for the chosen outcome.

College Football Money Line Betting

Money line betting involves betting on which team will win straight up.  If the team you choose wins the game, then your wager will payout.  Needless to say a $100 wager on an underdog will payout much more than the same wager on a favourite.  Let’s continue with the example from earlier.

Arizona U +190
Oklahoma State -230

In this case a $100 bet on Arizona U would win $190 for a total payout of $290 if Arizona U won the game.  In order to win $100 betting on Oklahoma State you would have had to wager $230.  This would have resulted in a total payout of $330.

College Football Total Points Betting

Total points betting (also known as over/under betting) is another popular college football bet.  In total points betting you wager on how many points will be scored in the game by either team.  The oddsmaker will set a total and the bettor can wager on whether more or fewer points will be scored than the given amount.  Continuing with the Arizona U vs Oklahoma State example:

Over 66 (-110)
Under 66 (-110)

If you think 67 or more points will be scored in the game, place a wager on the over.  For 65 or fewer points you would place an under wager.  If the game ends with exactly 66 points scored then the bets would push and the wagers would be refunded.