College Basketball Betting

Welcome to the College Basketball betting section of Sports Bet Listings!  Here you will learn how to bet on college basketball games and also find up to date college basketball betting odds.

For many people the most exciting month of the year is March, when all the top college basketball teams in the nation battle it out for the National Championship in a month long single-elimination tournament.  Brackets are filled out and college basketball bets are placed with NCAA basketball being the main attraction in the world of sports for an entire month.  That being said the college basketball season begins in November when teams must start battling for their spot in the tourney.  From November through till March college basketball is in full swing and this section of our website is meant to help you understand the ins and outs of college basketball betting.

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How To Place College Basketball Bets

There are many ways to bet on college basketball games.  You can place money line bets, over/under bets or future bets, but the most popular form of college basketball bet would have to be spread betting.  Each of these betting options are explained in detail below.

Spread Betting

There is a large difference in skill level between the top college basketball schools and the mediocre ones.  Even within certain conferences the favoured team will win almost every time.  For this reason spread betting is the wager of choice for college basketball bettors.  Spread bets provide a handicap to the underdog, which puts the two teams on an even playing field.  A spread bet on the favourite only pays out if the favoured team covers the spread, while a spread bet on the underdog pays out if the underdog either pulls out the upset and wins the game, or loses by less than the spread amount.  Here is an example:

Duke (-14.5) -110
Wake Forest (+14.5) -110

In this example the spread is 14.5 points.  Duke is essentially giving Wake Forest a 14.5 point handicap, hence the (-) sign in front of the spread for Duke.  For a wager on Duke to payout they must win by 15 or more points.  A Wake Forest wager would payout if they lose by 14 or fewer points or pull out the big upset victory.

Money Line Betting

Money line betting involves simply betting on which team will win the game outright.  The odds will vary depending on the teams and a money line bet on a favourite will obviously payout much less than the same bet on an underdog.

Butler +240
Connecticut -280

In this example, Connecticut are fairly big favourites.  A $280 wager on Connecticut would win the bettor $100 if the Huskies did get the victory.  Meanwhile a $100 wager on the Bulldogs would win $240 if Butler pulled off another upset.  Money line betting is great if you are just interested in which team wins the game, rather than counting the points like you have to with spread betting.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting, also known as total points betting, involves wagering on the total number of points to be scored in a game.  The oddsmakers will provide a total and then you can wager on whether you think there will be more or fewer points scored in the game than the given total.  The total includes points scored by both teams.  Example:

Over 155.5 (-110)
Under 155.5 (-110)

If you think there will be 156 or more points scored bet the over, otherwise bet the under.  Pretty simple.

Future Betting

The main futures bet in college basketball would be wagering on which team will win the NCAA National Championship.  Most sportsbooks will have futures bet odds throughout the entire season, so once you are convinced a team has what it takes to go the whole way place your wager!