NCAA March Madness Bracket Contests

***The 2020 March Madness tournament has been cancelled.  Check back in 2021 for an updated NCAA tournament bracket contests list.

March Madness is just around the corner!  Selection Sunday is coming up and we will soon know the 68 teams that will be taking place in this years tournament.  That also means that it’s only a few more days until you can start filling out your brackets and hoping for some big prizes this year.  Below you will find a wide variety of free March Madness brackets with some solid prizes, as well as a few value added brackets that will have some kind of entry requirement, but will have a much better odds of you winning a prize.

I will be adding new March Madness contests to this page daily until the start of the tournament, so check back often!

Do you know of a March Madness contest not included on this list?

If so please email with a link to the contest and we will add it right away.

**If you’re looking to bet on the March Madness games, check out our how to bet on March Madness online guide.

Free March Madness Bracket Contests

Here is a list of free March Madness bracket contests from around the web.  These contests are generally open to only American or Canadian (or both) residents and you can check this in the eligibility section.  I’ve rated each of the contests mainly based on their prizes and the number of probably entries (I am just estimating the number of entries).  Obviously the bigger the prize the better and the fewer the entrants the better your chances of winning a piece of the prize pool.

I’m also not including ‘perfect brackets’ at all in my grading because the odds are so astronomical that someone will pick a perfect bracket that the whole ‘perfect bracket’ promotion just seems like a gimmick to me.  For this reason I am not including any contests where the only prize is for a perfect bracket.  That said I do include the perfect bracket prizes in the descriptions for the contests that offer winnable prizes.

**The list is not perfectly organized anymore, due to the fact that I’m constantly adding new contests as I become aware of them.  But this is the most extensive list of March Madness contests you will find online.

  • $15,000 Bitcoin Invitational
    • Total Prize Pool: $15,000
    • Prize Distribution: 125 places
    • 1st Place: $700
    • Entries: Free
    • Eligibility: Must have made a bitcoin deposit at ($45 minimum)
    • Contest Grade: A
    • **If you make a bitcoin deposit and place a bet, you will receive entry to both MyBookie bracket contests.
  • Bovada Celebrity Bracket Challenge
    • Total Prize Pool: $5000
    • Prize Distribution: 50 $100 cash prizes by random draw.
    • Entries: Free (must have a Bovada account)
    • **You don’t fill out a bracket, but instead vote for one of the four celebrity brackets.
    • Eligibility: Anyone with Bovada account.
    • Contest Grade: B
  • Abt 2020 Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: 65″ 4K Smart OLED HDTV ($3500 MSRP)
    • 2nd Place: 55″ 4K Smart HDTV ($2500 MSRP)
    • 3rd Place: 65″ 4K Smart LED HDTV ($1500 MSRP)
    • 4th Place: 55″ 4k Smart LED HDTV ($700 MSRP)
    • Eligibility: 18+ USA residents
    • Contest Grade: B
  • Jiffy Tickets NCAA Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: $1,000 in gift cards
    • 2nd Place: $500 in gift cards
    • 3rd Place: $300 in gift cards
    • 4th-10th: $100 in gift cards
    • Eligibility: 18+ USA residents
    • Contest Grade: C+
  • Bokampers Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: 60″ HD Television
    • 2nd Place: $200 Bokampers Gift Card
    • 3rd Place: $100 Bokampers Gift Card
    • Eligibility: 21+ USA residents
    • Contest Grade: C+
  • Tommy John #QuickDrawFly Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: 1 year’s supply of Tommy John
    • Anyone with higher point total than CEO Tom Patterson and Kevin Hart: $15 credit on orders of $50 or more
    • Eligibility: 21+ USA residents
    • Contest Grade: C+
  • NBC Sports Washington NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: 3-night trip for four to Universal Orlando Resort
    • Score higher than both experts: Coupon for a Jersey Mike’s sub
    • Eligibility: Reside in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, DC or Delaware.
    • Contest Grade: C+
  • CBS Sports Bracket Challenge
    • Grand Prize: Four 2018 Final Four Tickets + $6,000 ($10,000 ARV)
    • Other Prizes: None
    • Eligibility: 18+ USA and Canada residents
    • Contest Grade: D
  • SR Smith March Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: $500 Visa Gift Card.
    • 2nd Place: $300 Visa Gift Card.
    • 3rd Place: $150 Visa Gift Card.
    • Eligibility: 21+
    • Contest Grade: C
  • 71 Republic Bracket Challenge
    • 1st Place: 10,000 btt and 1000 trx tokens (cryptocurrency valued at ~$250)
    • Eligibility: 18+ USA residents and you must follow twitter account and retweet.
    • Contest Grade: C

Value Added 2019 March Madness Brackets (Paid)

These March Madness contests are hosted by online sportsbooks.  There will be some form of entry restriction for these contests, whether it be opening an account at the site, making a deposit or even just buying in for a set entry fee.  That said due to the entry restrictions the amount of competitors you will be up against will be far less than any of the free brackets listed above, which greatly increases the chances of your bracket winning a prize.  I personally enjoy these contests more because even if you lose a few first round games you aren’t necessarily out of the competition.  But if you are only looking for free contests and aren’t interested in signing up at an online sportsbook, then just skip this section.

  • Bracket Challenge
    • Perfect Bracket: $1,000,000 cash
    • 1st Place: $10,000 cash
    • 2nd Place: $5,000 cash
    • 3rd Place: $2,500 cash
    • 4th Place: $1,250 cash
    • 5th t0 100th: From $1,000 to $75 cash
    • 101st – Last Place: 250 BetPoints
    • Entries: Entries can be purchased for $10 through your account.  I think most Bookmaker accounts will also receive a free entry, but I couldn’t confirm this.
    • Contest Grade: A
    • Bookmaker Review
  • March Madness Office Pools with Bonus Prizes
    • Perfect $25 bracket: wins $25,000,000
    • Perfect $10 bracket: wins $10,000,000
    • Perfect $5 bracket: wins $5,000,000
    • Perfect $1 bracket: wins $1,000,000
    • Other Prizes: Perfect bracket prizes are in addition to the 100% payout office pools at 5Dimes.
    • Max Entries: Unlimited
    • Eligibility: Must have 5Dimes account.
    • Contest Grade: C
    • 5Dimes Review

Other Paid Brackets