Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting OnlineThe sweet science and boxing betting in general has found its popularity dwindle in recent years, mainly due to the rise of MMA and MMA betting.  Boxing used to be many bettors sport of choice with fan favourites such as Muhammad Ali (seen on right), Mike Tyson and Oscar De La Hoya generating tons of interest when they would take a fight.  That being said it is still very possible to bet on a wide variety of boxing fights online.

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Bet365 is by far the best boxing bookmaker of our recommended online sportsbooks.  They offer at least ten times as many boxing lines as our other recommended bookies and have a flawless reputation within the industry.  The only downside of Bet365 is that they do not accept American residents.

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How to Bet on Boxing

Boxing betting is very simple, you just wager on who you think will win the fight.  This form of boxing betting is known as money line betting, which is usually the only form of boxing betting you can find at online sportsbooks these days.  Some bookies, such as Bet365, our recommended bookmaker for boxing bets, also offer prop bets for some of the higher profile fights.

Boxing Money Line Betting

Money line betting is often the only option for bettors wishing to bet on boxing matches.  With a money line bet you simply bet on which fighter will win the match and your potential winnings are determined by the odds associated with each fighter.  Bets on the favorite will obviously payout less than the same bets on the underdog.  Here is an example:

Manny Pacquiao +115
Floyd Mayweather JR -145

If this fight were to have happened Pacquiao would have beeen a slight underdog and a wager of $100 on Pacquiao would have won $115 for a total payout of $215 if Pacquiao were to have won the fight.  Mayweather, on the other hand is the favourite and to win $100 betting on Mayweather you would have had to wager $145.

Boxing betting is a straight forward as it gets.  Place a wager on which boxer you think will win the match and if their arm is raised after the bout your bet is a winner.

Boxing Prop Betting

Bet365 seems to be the only online bookmaker offering any form of boxing prop bets at the moment.  Some prop bets for boxing include how the fight is finished, which round the fight finishes in, who wins a specific round and so on.