Soccer Betting Tips

There are two types of bettors in the world.  The kind who just bet for fun without doing any real research or comparing of lines.  And those who bet to try to make a profit over the long run and beat the bookies.  If you want to be a winning soccer bettor you will need to do a lot of your own research in order to find any edge against the sportsbook.  Here are some basic soccer betting tips to get you thinking about some different angles you can research and push you in the right direction of making a profit betting on soccer.

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Home Field Advantage

This plays a huge roll in soccer matches and should not be overlooked when predicting an outcome.  In general soccer teams have a big advantage when playing in front of their home fans.  This is generally even more true when playing in either European competitions or against teams in other leagues (such as a Champions League match) because the travel will be longer and the surroundings will be that much more unfamiliar.  That being said it is possible to find teams that perform well on the road and betting on these teams away from home can often be profitable because online sportsbooks will often set the odds in favor of the home team regardless of each teams home vs away records.

Notable Injuries

For a sport where so many players factor into the outcome certain players can really play a large role in a teams success.  Be sure to investigate each teams injuries and the replacement players to try to determine how the injury will affect the outcome of the match.

Recent Performances

Form can play a major role in the confidence and ability of a team.  If a club is on a roll they could be playing amazing soccer and feel unbeatable.  Even if a team didn’t win their last game I still suggest reading the recap (if you were unable to watch the match) in order to try to understand the teams form at the moment and if they got unlucky to lose (or lucky to win) their last matches.


You can see motivation play a big role in soccer matches at times.  Some teams will bring their A game to European competitions, but struggle in their own league.  Others will play their best against certain rivals because fans demand a win.  After a tough loss in the Champions League a team may not be able to find the motivation to play a somewhat ‘meaningless’ game in their domestic league.  Look at how players may react to different situations with their team and try to predict who wants it more.

Compare Odds

You will notice this tip mentioned at the bottom of pretty much all of our sports betting tips articles and this is because it is so important.  If you can find a 1×2 bet on Manchester City at 2.40 at one sportsbook and at 2.60 at another you should obviously place the bet at odds of 2.60.  This may not seem like a lot, but it will add up significantly over time and if you plan on being a profitable soccer bettor this is a must.  Check out our recommended online sportsbooks and sign up with at least 3 so that you are able to look at different lines for each soccer match and bet on the most favorable.