Champions League Betting

The Champions League title is the largest prize in club soccer around the globe.  Every year the highest place finishers from each of Europe’s top domestic leagues are entered into the Champions League tournament to battle it out for the title of the best club team in Europe, which generally translates to the best club team in the world.

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The UEFA Champions League was established in 1955 with 16 of the most popular clubs in Europe being invited to participate in the tournament.  The first five tournaments were won by Real Madrid, which gave them a huge head start in becoming the club to have won the most Champions League tournaments, a title they still hold to this day with 9 total victories.  AC Milan is close behind with 7 wins, while Liverpool (5), Bayern Munich (4) and Ajax (4) round out the top 5 most successful clubs in the competitions history.

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Entry into the Tournament

UEFA Champions League Betting InfoThe best finishers from every top domestic league in Europe have a shot at gaining entrance into the 32 team group stage of the tournament.  22 teams are automatically entered into the group stage of the tournament.  The number of teams gaining automatic entry depends on each domestic leagues ranking according to past European success.  The top three domestic leagues earn 3 automatic entries, while the fourth to sixth ranked leagues earning 2 entries and the seventh to thirteenth ranked leagues earning 1 entry.

The final 10 spots are then filled by the clubs that successfully make it through the qualifying rounds.  The qualifying routes are split into a Champions Route and a League Route.

Five teams qualify from the Champions Route which involves the top team from the 17th through 53rd ranked domestic leagues.  In the first round of this route the champions of the 50th to 53rd ranked leagues playoff to enter the next round.  In the second round the champions of the 17th to 49th ranked leagues join in and the winners of those 17 ties advance to the third qualifying round.  At this stage the 14th to 16th ranked league champions join and the winners of those ten ties then battle it out in a playoff round to bring the total number of teams advancing through this route down to 5.

Another five teams qualify from the League Route which consists of two rounds.  In the first round the second place teams from the 7th through 15th ranked domestic leagues and the 3rd place team from the 6th ranked league play 5 home and away ties with the winning clubs advancing to the playoff round.  In this round the five winners are joined by the 4th place finishers of the top three domestic leagues and the 3rd place finishers of the fourth and fifth placed leagues.  The five teams remaining after this second round gain access to the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

How to Bet on Champions League Games

The Champions League tournament is the biggest event in club soccer.  Every game is extremely important as teams attempt to advance to the finals.  Every game will offer money line, spread, over/under and of course prop betting on every aspect of the match.  Check out our soccer betting section to learn more about the basics of betting on the most popular sport in the world.

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