La Liga Betting

La Liga Betting InfoLa Liga is the top professional soccer league in Spain.  It consists of 20 teams with the bottom 3 teams being relegated each season to make room for the top 3 teams from the Segunda Division.  The two clubs that automatically come to mind when you picture La Liga are inevitably Real Madrid and Barcelona, each of which are consistently two of the top soccer clubs in Europe and who have won La Liga a combined 52 times (Barcelona 21 and Real Madrid 31).

La Liga is a hugely popular league worldwide and as such betting on La Liga matches is also very common.  La Liga clubs Mallorca and Real Madrid are even sponsored by online sportsbooks ( and respectively).  La Liga betting is primarily done online through online sportsbooks because these betting sites provide the convenience, security and fairness that La Liga bettors look for.

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Bet365 is our top rated sportsbook for La Liga matches. This is because they offer a wide variety of betting options for every match, they are one of the most trusted sportsbooks on the planet and they offer some great promos throughout the season. Check out our Bet365 review or go straight ahead and visit now to start betting.

It is important to note however that Bet365 does not accept US residents, so if you are from the States I suggest you do your La Liga betting with

As mentioned earlier La Liga is right up their with the English Premier League as the top soccer leagues in the world.  Real Madrid has actually won the most UEFA Champions League competitions (9) of all time and Barcelona (4) is tied with Bayern Munich for the 4th most.  The top 3 La Liga teams are automatically entered into the Champions League group stage, while the 4th place team enters the competition one round prior to that and must play home and away matches against another non champion to gain entry into the group stage.  Check out our Champions League betting page for more info on the European competition.

How To Bet On La Liga Online

La Liga is arguably the best soccer league in the world and as such it will not be hard to find La Liga matches to wager on online.  Every sportsbook will offer the regular money line, point spread and over/under betting options, but there will also be plenty of other prop bets to choose from, especially if you bet through Bet365 because they offer a wide variety of betting options.  If you are interested in more detailed information about soccer betting options check out our soccer betting page.

Bet On La Liga Soccer

If you are ready to place your La Liga bets head over to Bet365 and set up an account.  Or if you want to check out some other sportsbook options that is fine too.  In fact if you sign up to more sportsbooks you have more opportunities to compare odds and get the most bang for your buck.

For up to date La Liga news I suggest visiting Soccer Spain (english La Liga site) and for the history of the league the La Liga Wiki page is your best bet.