Tennis Betting Tips

In tennis everything comes down to the play of either 2 or 4 individuals.  For this reason anything can happen on a given night depending on a wide variety of factors.  It is your job to gather as much information as possible on each match and use it wisely.  The general public is generally not very wise when it comes to betting on tennis and this is one of the main reasons that tennis betting can be profitable for the sharp bettors.  Follow the tips outlined below and you too can be a winning tennis bettor.

Don’t Look at Player Rankings

The player rankings in tennis can be very deceiving for several reasons.

  • Certain players may play fewer tournaments than others resulting in a lower ranking.
  • Players could earn the majority of their points in smaller tournaments that the best players in the world do not attend.
  • A player could have earned a high ranking through the clay court season that then still stands during grass and hard court tournaments.

It is actually more profitable to bet against the higher ranking player on most occasions because the public may be wagering on the higher ranking player, which could create value on the lower ranking player that should actually be the favorite to win the match.

Research Players in Depth

Tennis is a sport that is either played between two or four players.  This means that the players are extremely important in determining who to wager on and the more information you can find on each player the better.  You want to get into each players head and understand what they may be feeling heading into the match.  Is the player tired from a long travel schedule and playing in many tournaments over the past few weeks?  Does the player have something to prove because of an early exit in a major tournament?  Is the player just planning on going through the motions in order to make an appearance and help promote the tournament?  These are all questions you should ask yourself when deciding which tennis wager to make.

The Surface Matters

This is a continuation of the player research tip above.  Each individual players comfort and success may change dramatically playing on different surfaces.  For example a clay court specialist may win 9 out of 10 matches on clay, but lose 6 out of 10 on grass.  Knowing each players results on the surface in question is very important when handicapping a tennis match.

Only Place Live Bets when Viewing the Match

Placing live bets on tennis matches can be profitable if done in the right way.  The main rule is that you should never place a live bet on a tennis match without actually watching the match.  If you are placing bets just from looking at the scoreboard you are giving up a lot of quality information such as how the player is moving, whether they are injured, if they are building confidence and much more.

Sharp Bets are More Common in the Early Rounds

In the early rounds of tournaments fewer known players are in action and oddsmakers haven’t had the benefit of watching a player’s progress through the week.  The more information the oddsmakers have the more accurate the lines will be in general.  For this reason it is more likely that you will find sharp lines in the early stages of a tennis tournament.  Bookmakers may be lazy and focus too much on players’ rankings or their head to head results.  When this is the case sharp lines can often be found by following the other tips outlined above.

Compare Odds

You will find this tip on the betting tips page of every sports section on Sports Bet Listings.  It is absolutely vital that you shop for the best tennis lines if you want to be a profitable bettor.  Find the best odds by comparing the tennis betting lines at a variety of online bookmakers.