Live Sports Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is a new feature springing up at many of the top online sportsbooks that allows players to wager on games or matches live, in real time.  The betting odds change as the game progresses and sports bettors lock in their wagers at the various lines that are offered.

Live betting is the new big thing in online sports betting that is sure to grow as more online bookmakers add the live betting option and figure out how to best implement it without having to add extra juice to counteract the bettors advantage that live betting can create.

How Live Betting Works

Live betting allows bettors to wager on games while they are being played.  At most online sportsbooks to wager on a live game you are taken to a live in-play betting screen for the particular game you want to bet on.  There you will see the various lines available and the live betting screen will update every time the lines change.  In order to place a wager you must act quickly because if the odds change before you click “place bet” the wager will not go through.

Every online sportsbook provides live betting in a slightly different way and if you look below you will find a variety of screen shots of the live betting at some of our top rated sportsbooks.

Why Use Live Betting

Live betting is a great option if you are watching a game on the television or in person.  Your idea of which team will win the game may change after a big play and with live betting you can place your wagers with this added information.  Live betting can also help bettors cut down their losses or secure a profit if they wager the opposite way they did before the game after some action has concluded.

One tip we can give you about live betting is that bettors tend to wager on the team that a big play has just gone in favour of.  For this reason it can be profitable to wager against that team because the oddsmakers will be taking this trend into account when setting the lines.

It’s important to remember that television feeds can be slightly behind the live action, so if a line changes dramatically and you don’t understand why it could be because your television feed is behind.

Which Online Sportsbooks Offer Live Betting

Live betting is becoming very popular, which means the majority of the bigger, legitimate sportsbooks are now offering live betting.  The thing that really will set the online sportsbooks apart is not whether or not they offer live betting, but how many games they offer live betting for.

Below we will take a look at some of the different Live Betting platforms that various online bookies use.  These are all for a Coyotes vs Avalanche game that is 1-0 for the Coyotes after the first period of play.

Bet365 Live Betting

Bet365 has one of the best live betting features in the online bookmaker industry.  They offer live betting on almost every major sporting event and are really setting the standard for live betting that other online bookies will have to strive for.

**I’m not permitted to show a screenshot of the Bet365 live betting platform here, so if you want to see it visit and select ‘In-Play’ from the top navigation menu.

Bodog Live Betting

Bodog’s live betting system is extremely easy to follow and use, plus it looks great as you will see below. Bodog always keeps up with the changes in the industry and their live betting software is no different.

Bodog In-Play Betting

Sports Interaction Live Betting

Sports Interaction provides great in-play betting options for players and there lines are easy to understand and read. Sports Interaction is really showing their commitment to being a top online sportsbook with their live betting function. In Play BettingWhen Not To Place Live Bets

As a general rule you should not place live bets if you aren’t watching the game in real time.  Placing bets simply from scoreboard watching is a recipe for losing money fast because you are placing wagers without a great deal of information.  In a tennis match one player could begin looking sluggish late in a match, which could affect the odds.  If you aren’t watching the match live you may think this player is performing well and is a few games away from a win, while in reality his chances of winning may be much lower than the scoreboard suggests.