Find The Best Odds

Comparing sports betting odds and finding the best odds for each wager you make is a huge must if you are planning to turn a profit betting on sports online.  Every winning sports bettor has accounts at a variety of online sportsbooks in order to compare odds easily and place the wager at the sportsbook that offers the highest potential payout.  We recommend that you register with at least three online bookies in order to have the ability to find the best odds for every wager you make.  Check out our recommended online sportsbooks to find some great bookies to sign up with.

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Why Bother Comparing Odds?

Many bettors may not see the value in comparing odds before every wager they make.  Some feel it is a waste of time and that 5 cents on the $1 isn’t enough for them to bother finding the best odds.

The thing is that sometimes the odds at a bookie that you aren’t using will be as much as $0.20 on the dollar better than the odds at your bookmaker, or even more.  The differences are amplified when the sport is lesser known or the bookmakers disagree on what odds are fair.

That being said on many games the best odds at one of the online sportsbooks we recommend will be at least $0.05 better on the dollar than at another of our recommended sportsbooks, and vice versa on the opposite outcome.  That $0.05 turns into $5 for every $100 won and $50 for every $1000.  If you win $10,000 betting sports online in a year, you will be able to thank $500 of that to comparing odds and wagering with the sportsbook that provides the best odds for your outcome.

Hopefully you are beginning to realize the importance of shopping for the best lines online.  The difference may seem small, especially if you are wagering small amounts, but over time comparing odds could be the difference between being a profitable online sports bettor or a losing one.

Comparing Odds Example

I’m going to look at the odds for UFC 259, which was upcoming when I last edited this article.  We will look at the odds for the main fight from a few of our top rated sportsbooks to show that there is a big reason to compare odds.  The main event of this card was Israel Adesanya vs Jan Blachowicz.  Here are the odds from various bookies:

  • BetOnline – Adesanya (-270), Blachowicz (+230)
  • Bovada – Adesanya (-275), Blachowicz (+215)
  • MyBookieAdesanya (-255), Blachowicz (+185)

In this case has the best odds for betting on Blachowicz at +230, while MyBookie has the best odds on Adesanya at -255.  If you put down $100 on Blachowicz at MyBookie you would only win $185 in he pulled off the upset, compared to $230 at BetOnline.

Recommended Sportsbooks

Check out our online bookie section to read their reviews and decide if registering an account at each of them is advantageous for you.  Once again, I recommend that you register with at least three online bookmakers in order to compare betting odds and find the best odds for every wager you make!