Understanding Sportsbook Bonuses

Online sportsbook bonuses can be very lucrative for new players, but it is important to understand that every online sportsbook bonus will come with clearing conditions that you must meet prior withdrawing your bonus and in some cases even prior to being able to wager with it.

Minimum Deposit Requirement

Every deposit will have a minimum deposit that you must make in order to receive the bonus.  This can be as small as $20 (Bodog, Bet365) or as high as $300 (Bookmaker) and anywhere in between.  It’s important to find out what the minimum deposit is to trigger the bonus so you don’t make a deposit that is too small and lose your shot at an initial deposit bonus all together.

Rollover Requirements (Clearing Requirements)

Every online sportsbook bonus will have rollover requirements that must be met.  The easiest way to explain rollover requirements would be with an example.  Bet365.com, for example, requires that the initial deposit plus the bonus be rolled over three times before a withdrawal can be requested.  If an initial deposit of $100 was made and a $100 bonus added to the account, then $600 worth of bets would have to be placed before the rollover requirements were met ($200 x 3).  The bets can be made over time, with winning bets enabling you to rollover bonuses quite easily.

Some other rollover requirements include Bodog where the initial deposit must be rolled over six times before a withdrawal can be requested.  Bookmaker.eu requires a bonus rollover of five times, while BetOnline.ag requires a ten times bonus rollover.


Some online sportsbook bonuses will also expire if they are not cleared within the required amount of time.  The Bet365.com bonus, for example, must be rolled over within 90 days or any amount that has not been cleared will be forfeit.  Make sure you read the bonus terms & conditions to make sure you get your bonus cleared in time.

No Withdrawals Prior To Clearing

Most online sportsbook bonuses will be forfeit if you make a withdrawal before the rollover requirements have been met.  Once again, make sure that you check that out before withdrawing and losing your bonus.

Top Online Sportsbook Bonus

The top two online sportsbook bonuses are offered by Bet365.com and BetOnline.ag.

The Bet365 bonus is instantly added to your account and is a good 100% matching percentage up to a maximum of $200.  Bet365 also has some of the best clearing conditions in the industry.  Visit Bet365.com now to claim your bonus!

Betonline is another great bonus, but for a different reason.  BetOnline only offers a 25% matching bonus, but the maximum is $900 and they offer this bonus on every single deposit that you make at their site.  The clearing requirements aren’t great, but if you bet a lot you will be happy to continue to receive this extra 25% as long as you bet enough to clear it.  BetOnline also accepts US residents, while Bet365 does not, so BetOnline is the best bonus for Americans.  Visit Betonline.ag now to claim your bonus!