Scorecast Betting

A scorecast is a bet that is commonly used in soccer where you bet on both the first goal scorer and the correct score.

A scorecast is similar to a parlay bet in that both of your predictions must come through in order for the bet to payout.  However this bet would not be possible as a parlay because online sportsbooks do not allow individuals to bet on events that could affect one another in the same parlay.  Because the two outcomes will have an affect on one another (for example if you bet on Arjen Robben to score first in a Bayern Munich game, you would not also select Bayern to lose the game 1-0), the individual first goal scorer and correct score odds are not multiplied together like a typical parlay bet would have.  Instead scorecast bets have their own odds that are priced separately from the individual first goalscorer or correct score odds.

Top Scorecast Sportsbooks

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Here is an example using Arjen Robben to score first in a Bayern Munich game.  The opposing team does not matter for this example.

Arjen Robben is priced at 8/1 to be the first goal scorer in the game and you also expect Bayern to win the match 2-0 and that correct score is priced at 9/1.  If these were completely independent events (which they are not) then you would expect a parlay bet of these wagers to pay out at 72/1.  However because these outcomes will affect one another the odds for this scorecast bet will be closer to 50/1 at an online sportsbook.

When To Bet Scorecasts

The truth is that scorecast bets are very difficult to win and should be looked at as lottery wagers where you expect to lose, but will be pleasantly surprised if you pull out the win.  The online sportsbooks are also big fans of scorecasts because they win every nil-nil game and generally win when an unexpected goalscorer pots the first goal or when there are a lot of goals in a game, which makes for an unexpected scoreline.

Scorecast Promotions

Because sportsbooks like people betting on scorecasts they will often provide incentives to place Scorecast bets.  For example many online sportsbooks will offer money back specials on scorecasts if a specific thing happens in the game.

Paddy Power is well known for providing money back specials on their scorecasts.  As an example, Paddy Power may offer money back on all scorecast wagers if Wayne Rooney scores the last goal of the game, or other possible scenarios like that.

When there are decent money back specials offered then it becomes more lucrative to place scorecast bets.  I do suggest sticking with the more likely goalscorers and fewer total goals when placing your scorecast bets in order to get paid out much more frequently.