Wincast Betting

Wincast bets are commonly used in soccer betting, but they can also be applied to other sports where there are goalscorers and winning teams.  A wincast bet involves predicting both the team to win and selecting a player to score at any time during the game.  The wincast odds are lower than what the ‘to win’ and ‘anytime goalscorer’ odds would be multiplied together because the outcomes of these events are not independent of one another.  For this reason the wincast odds are priced separately from the odds of either individual outcome.  Check below for an example of what the odds would look like for a wincast bet compared to the ‘to win’ and ‘anytime goalscorer’ bets.

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Wincast Example

Let’s look at an international match between Holland and Denmark.  If the odds of Holland to win the game are 6/5 and the odds of Arjen Robben to score at anytime throughout the game are 4/1, then you might expect the odds of these two outcomes together in a parlay bet to be 11/1.  That is what the parlay bet odds would be, but since the events are not independent of each other you would not be able to place a parlay bet that includes these two outcomes.  Instead the wincast bet would offer odds of around 13/2 of both of these events happening.

When To Place Wincast Bets

Wincast bets can be lucrative if you are confident in both a teams ability to win the game and a players ability to score.  If you are expecting a big game out of a striker then a wincast bet could be the right play because if the striker does have the big game and scores at least one goal, there is a good chance that their team will also win the game.

Wincast bets can also be very lucrative if an online sportsbook is offering money back specials.  Paddy Power is one online sportsbook that often offers moneyback specials that include wincast bets, as well as scorecast, correct score and other more difficult to hit bets.  If there was a money back special where if Robin van Persie scored the first goal all losing wincast bets were refunded, that would make the wincast odds of 13/2 on the Netherlands win and Robben scoring much more enticing.

One stat that may be interesting to look at before placing your wincast bet is a teams winning percentage when a certain player scores.  If Holland wins 80% of the time when Arjen Robben scores then I would much rather take the 13/2 wincast bet than just the 4/1 bet on Robben scoring in the game.