Sportsbook Bonus Codes

When signing up at many online sportsbooks you will be given the option of entering a bonus code/promo code/referral code or some other type of code.  This article will go over why online sportsbooks use bonus codes, how you can use them to your advantage, where to find the best sportsbook bonus codes and if entering a bonus code can ever negatively affect your potential bonus.

Difference Between Various “Codes”

If you have signed up to a few online sportsbooks then you will have noticed a lot of different “codes” that can be entered at registration.  Some sportsbooks use codes such as “promo codes”, “referrer codes”, “marketing codes”, “referral numbers” and of course the most common “bonus code”.  These different “codes” all act in the same way, it’s just up to the online sportsbook how they word their “code”.  From now on in this article I will be referring to every type of code that you enter at sign up as a “bonus code”.

Why Online Sportsbooks Use Bonus Codes

There are a variety of reasons why online sportsbooks offer a bonus code field for their new sign ups.  One reason could be that they offer a few different sign up bonuses and you have the ability to choose between them by selecting the correct bonus code.  Another reason is that individuals who are promoting the sportsbook offline need a way for the sportsbook to know that they referred certain players.  That same reason also applies online with many sports betting websites, such as this one, telling you their bonus code with the hopes that you will enter it and be tracked to them as a player.  Websites, like us here at Sports Bet Listings, sometimes also work out exclusive deals with the online sportsbooks to provide our players with a better bonus if they use our sign up bonus code.

How To Use Bonus Codes To Your Advantage

The main way to use bonus codes to your advantage is to find the best bonus you can for that particular sportsbook and enter the corresponding bonus code.  It is also important to note that at some sportsbooks if you don’t enter a bonus code at all then you may not even be entitled to the basic bonus that everyone who does enter a bonus code receives.

Can Entering A Bonus Code Negatively  Affect My Bonus?

It is possible that entering a bonus code could negatively affect your bonus.  For instance, with some bonus codes you find here at Sports Bet Listings I instruct you to leave the bonus code field blank and sign up through our link to get a better bonus.  The bonus code field generally overrides the link tracking, so if you were lined up for a solid bonus by arriving at a sportsbook through a link that provided a great bonus you may lose it if you enter a lower value bonus code.

Where To Find Sportsbook Bonus Codes

Almost all online sports betting sites that refer players to the online sportsbooks will tell their players which bonus code to use in order to be tracked.  Here at Sports Bet Listings I’ve put together many detailed bonus code pages to help our visitors get the best bonuses possible.  Some pages will provide a useful bonus code, while others will instruct you to leave the bonus code field blank and to sign up through an exclusive link.  Check out the bonus code pages below: