Mise-o-jeu Betting

Mise-o-jeu is a sports betting program, similar to proline, run by the Quebec provincial government.  Mise-o-jeu allows Quebec citizens to place parlay wagers on major sporting events from around the world.  The parlay bets must include two ore more outcomes to be valid.

Mise-o-jeu sports betting generates a lot of income for the Quebec provincial government, while providing a sports betting option for Quebec citizens.  This may seem like a great program for Quebec residents, but the truth is Quebec residents who are interested in wagering on sports can do so with much more convenience and much larger potential payouts online.

This article will compare Mise-o-jeu betting to online sports betting through a reputable betting site and show that Quebec residents who are betting with Mise-o-jeu are leaving a large amount of potential winnings on the table.

The Truth About Mise-O-Jeu Betting

The truth is that Mise-o-jeu odds are horrible in comparison to the odds bettors can find online.  Quebec residents who are wagering with Mise-o-jeu could be winning significantly more if they opened an online sports betting account.  Check below for the proof.

This is an example of a four team NHL parlay bet made with Mise-o-jeu compared to the same bet made with an online sportsbook:

The Online Sportsbook Payout is $61.37 MORE than the Mise-o-jeu Payout!
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The teams used in this example where picked at random and were not chosen to amplify the difference between the Mise-o-jeu betting odds and the odds you could find at online sportsbooks.  As you can clearly see, the SIA payout was significantly more than the Mise-o-jeu payout when betting on identical outcomes.

**Also, the mise-o-jeu odds were taken from the “bet online” portion of the Mise-o-Jeu website, which has dynamic lines. The odds you would get if you purchased a Mise-o-Jeu parlay ticket in store would be far worse than the example I provided.

5 Reasons to Bet Sports Online vs Mise-O-Jeu

**Mise-o-Jeu does now offer online betting in addition to the parlay ticket option. Many of the below reasons compare online betting to in-store mise-o-jeu betting. That said, the mise-o-jeu betting lines (both in-store and online) are still a valid concern and the main reason you should bet at Bodog.eu over Mise-o-Jeu. The odds shown above are from the online sportsbook section of the Mise-o-Jeu website.

1. Larger Payouts – This reason alone should be enough to convince anyone reading this article to open an online sports betting account.  The potential winnings from betting online are significantly larger than the potential payouts from betting with Mise-o-jeu.  The example above displays this fact perfectly.

2. Faster Payouts – Not only are the payouts larger, but they are faster as well.  Online the payout occurs instantly when your wager wins.  This is much better than having to visit your local Mise-o-jeu outlet to cash in your winning Mise-o-jeu ticket.

3. Bet Whatever You Want – Online sportsbooks allow you to bet whatever amount you like right down to the penny.  The minimum bet is lower and the maximum bet is much higher than with Mise-o-jeu.  With Mise-o-jeu you must select from about 15 different wager amounts and you must bet a minimum of $2.

4. More Convenient – Wagering online is very convenient.  You simply log onto your account from your computer or mobile device and place your wagers.  To wager with Mise-o-jeu you must travel to a Mise-o-jeu outlet and purchase your ticket.  Then you have to make sure you don’t lose your ticket because you will need to redeem it if you win.

5. More Betting Variety – Online you can place straight wagers, teaser bets, if bets, futures bets, parlay bets and more.  You can even place live bets during the games at many online bookies.  With Mise-o-jeu you have no options.  You must place a parlay bet with at least 2 outcomes in order to wager.

As you can see, online sports betting is far superior than Mise-o-jeu sports betting.  Sign up at one of our recommended online sportsbooks to start receiving fair payouts!  Or simply sign up at Bodog.eu, our recommended betting site for Canadians.


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