Money Back Specials

Money back specials are a promo offered by certain online sportsbooks that can be very lucrative for players that take advantage of them.  I received an email today (the day of writing this) with a money back special from Bet365 on the first Manchester United vs Chelsea match of the EPL season.  Bet365 is one of the sportsbooks that often offers money back specials to their bettors for big events.  I’d say that I receive a money back special offer from Bet365 at least once every two months.

In order to explain what a money back special is and how to best use it I’m going to use the example I received from Bet365.


Bet365 is promoting the money back special as a free $50 in-play bet on the Manchester United vs Chelsea game.  If you place any pre-match bet on the Manchester United vs Chelsea match then your first in-play bet will be refunded (up to the amount of your pre-match bet with $50 max) if it loses.  I think of this as a money back special type of offer because if your in-play bet loses you receive the money back.

You can probably see by now how great an offer this is.

Guarantee a Profit

You are even able to easily guarantee a healthy profit with this offer if you use it correctly.  For this exact example I will be setting my alarm for kick-off so I don’t miss the opportunity to place this free in-play bet.

Here is one simple way to guarantee a profit using the double chance and 1×2 lines:

Place a $50 pre-match bet on (Manchester United or Chelsea) at odds of 1.33.  Then early in the match place a 3-way bet on a draw at odds of 3.40.

If either team wins your $50 bet pays out $66.50 and your in-play bet is refunded, leaving you with a $16.50 profit.

If the game ends in a draw your $50 pre-match bet loses, but your $50 in-play bet wins $170, leaving you with a $70 profit.

It’s a win, win situation!


There are many different ways to place your bets.  You could even wager $50 on Manchester United pre-match and another $50 on Man U in-play and simply have $100 riding on Manchester United for the price of $50.

No matter what you decide it is absolutely crucial that you do not forget to place your in-play bet.  Otherwise the promotion loses all of it’s value.

Other Money Back Specials

The example listed above is just one type of money back special that provides a great deal of value for bettors.  Another money back special that Bet365 does is offering refunds on bets made on games that end in 0-0 draws.  There are several different money back specials offered by online sportsbooks and it is important that you always read the terms & conditions in order to ensure that you fully understand how to take advantage of the promotion.