Golf Betting

When I think of golf, betting does not immediately come to mind.  I think this has something to do with golf rarely being a versus type of sport, with the majority of tournaments simply pitting a large number of golfers together to see which can get the best score over four rounds.  Even though golf might be more of a competition against oneself than opponents golf betting is still very popular online.  The most popular type of golf wager is betting on a golfer to win a tournament.  The great thing about that is if your golf pulls out the win you can usually win some big cash.

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How To Bet On Golf

Betting on the tournament winner is the most common type of golf bet, but that being said there are also other types of golf bets.  For example betting on head to head match ups in golf rounds is another popular golf betting type.  Let’s take a look at a couple of ways to bet on golf online.

Tournament Winner Betting

This common type of golf bet can be classified as a future bet.  That being said it is much more popular than futures wagers in other sports because there are far fewer betting options in golf.  Tournament winner betting involves betting on which golfer will win the tournament when the week is completed.  The return is usually quite good if your player is able to pull out the victory.  Here are a couple examples of tournament winner betting odds:

Tiger Woods +1300
Phil Mickelson +2700
Zack Johnson +5600

In this case Tiger is probably the favourite to win the tournament, but a $100 bet on him would still win $1300 for a $1400 payout.  There are also many golfers with longer odds such as Zack Johnson in this example.  A $100 wager on Johnson would win $5600 if he pulled off the improbable and won the tournament.  Because there are so many different golfers that have the ability to win a tournament in a given week you can usually get a very nice payout if your golfer hits.

Head To Head Betting

Even though the majority of the time golfers do not compete head to head online sportsbooks will still offer match up odds between golfers.  The odds can either be for a particular round or for the entire tournament.  Here is an example:

Ashley Hall (3rd Rnd) -130
Terry Pilkadaris (3rd Rnd) +100

The online sportsbook has matched these players up in order to allow bettors to place bets on which of them they think will perform better in the 3rd round.  In this case Pilkadaris is a slight underdog paying even money on bets, while Hall is a slight underdog paying $100 on $130 risks.

There are times such as in the Ryder Cup or skins games when golfers do compete against each other head to head, but when it is a normal tournament the oddsmakers will still offer some head to head lines to provide more options for golf bettors.