Prop Bets

Wikipedia explains a prop bet as a “bet made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome”.  In layman’s terms that simply means that anything you can bet on in a game that is not based on the final score is called a prop bet.  So any bets where a win/loss is determined by the final score of the game is not considered a prop bet, but everything else is.  So in an NFL game bets on the Bills to cover the spread and the total points to be over 51.5 would not be considered prop bets.  Whereas, bets on the Bills to score first and Josh Allen to throw for over 300 yards are considered prop bets.

What Can You Find Prop Bets For?

In general, you will be able to find more prop bets on higher profile games.  The Super Bowl is the ultimate example with thousands of prop bets to choose from.  Anything from the coin toss to which song the half time show will end with can be wagered on at most online sportsbooks.  For the less popular events the number of prop bets offered depends on the sportsbook.  I have found that is a great sportsbook for prop bets.

Can Prop Bets Be Profitable?

Yes.  If you are a savvy bettor prop bets can easily be part of your betting arsenal.  When there are a lot of prop bets to choose from it is quite common to find some sharp bets.  The fact is that online sportsbooks put out these lines to attract new players who are not able to find the same prop bets at their current sportsbook.  Bookies will not spend a great deal of time researching the various prop betting offers, which can result in inaccurate lines.  This combined with the fact that prop bets are focused on only certain aspects of the game or match, which you can research extensively, provides the ability to beat the sportsbook on prop bets.  The vig is usually higher with prop bets to account for the reasons I just mentioned, but it is still definitely possible to find sharp prop bets if you know what you are looking for.

I personally enjoy prop bets because they allow you to dive deeper into the game and really appreciate every small moment or turn of events, which can affect your proposition bet.  This makes for a more enjoyable viewing and sports betting experience for myself and I’m sure when you place your first prop bets you will agree.

Best Betting Sites for Prop Bets

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