10 Weirdest Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets


One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the fact that you can bet on props for literally anything even remotely related to the game.  This year, BetOnline.ag really pushed the envelope with some very exotic prop bets for Super Bowl 57.  I’ve made my way through the entire list of prop bets at BetOnline (and it’s a long list) and have come up with my favorite 10 novelty prop bets for this years Super Bowl.

First of all, I should let you know how to find these bets at BetOnline.ag.

The novelty props are under ‘Sports’ -> ‘Football’ -> ‘Super Bowl LVII’ at the BetOnline website.

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#10 – What song will Rihanna first sing on stage during half-time show?

  • Don’t Stop The Music +100
  • This Is What I Came For +300
  • Diamonds +550
  • Stay +900
  • Umbrella +1000
  • Where Have You Been +1200
  • What’s My Name +1600
  • We Founds Love +1600
  • Only Girl (In The World) +2500
  • Rude Boy +3300
  • Work +4000
  • Hate That I Love You +5000

This is the classic half-time show prop. If you know the performers music well you might have an idea as to what song is chosen to lead off the show. I personally have no clue where the value is on this prop.

#9. Which Eagles fan will be shown 1st during the game?

  • Bradley Cooper -140
  • Ryan McElhenney +200
  • Kevin Hart +300
  • Pink +600

Some high profile Eagles fans are expected to be in attendance at Super Bowl 57. Which celebrity will be shown first on the broadcast? BetOnline.ag has a wide variety of notable people appearance props available to bet on. The ‘First Chiefs Fan’ prop includes Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd, Rob Riggle, and Henry Winkler.

#8. What color will Rihanna’s Eye Shadow Color be to begin half-time show?

  • Clear/None -200
  • White +350
  • Purple +500
  • Black +750
  • Red/Pink +800
  • Blue +800

Another classic half-time show prop referring to the performers appearance. Again, I have no clue what color eye shadow Rihanna will be wearing, but maybe you have an idea. BetOnline also has props for Rihanna’s hair color, lipstick color and dress/shirt color.

#7. Will Rob Gronkowski make field goal during halftime?

  • Yes -175
  • No +135

Rob Gronkowski will be attempting a “kick of destiny” at halftime as part of an advertising campaign with FanDuel. The field goal will be a 25-yard attempt.

#6. What song will Dave Grohl sing in the Crown Royal commercial?

  • Everlong +250
  • My Hero +400
  • Learn To Fly +400
  • All My Life +400
  • Best Of Your +425
  • Times Like These +475
  • Monkey Wrench +550

Commercials are always a big part of the Super Bowl experience. BetOnline has a wide variety of commercial related props, including this interesting one about what song Foo Fighters singer will perform during his expected appearance in the Crown Royal Super Bowl commercial.

#5. What will Joe Biden say first during his pregame interview?

  • Jobs +125
  • Super Bowl +150
  • Ukraine +400
  • Build Back Better +425
  • Diversity +500

Joe Biden is expected to have a pregame interview on the Super Bowl broadcast. BetOnline.ag has several prop bets available related to the interview including several other “say first” type props, and an over/under on the length of the interview.

#4. Time to sing National Anthem?

  • Over 2 minutes and 5 seconds -140
  • Under 2 minutes and 5 seconds +100

This is another one of my favorite classic Super Bowl props.  Chris Stapleton is singing this years anthem.

The total is pretty high this year (compared to just 95 seconds in 2022). The anthem has only gone over this total once in the past six years, when Jazmine Sullivan & Eric Church sang the anthem in 2 minutes and 16 seconds for Super Bowl 55.

Chris Stapleton may be similar to Luke Bryan at Super Bowl 51 who sang the anthem in 2 minutes and 4 seconds.

#3. Length of word ‘Brave’ in National Anthem?

  • Over 5 seconds -200
  • Under 5 seconds +150

Is betting on the length of the entire National Anthem too long of a sweat for you? Well you can also bet on the length of just the word ‘Brave’ in the Anthem. Singers really like to showcase their pipes on this word in the National Anthem. If you dig deep you may be able to find an edge on this prop. Does Chris Stapleton hold any really long notes in any of his songs?

#2. What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

  • Blue +140
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +200
  • Orange +350
  • Clear/Water +900
  • Red/Pink +1200
  • Purple +1600

The classic gatorade shower prop.  I always take the water/clear in this prop because I think the players should have some decency and not douse their coach with a sticky liquid before the trophy ceremony.

Last year the winning color was blue. The gatorade color has now been blue in 3 of the past 4 seasons.

#1. Who will the Super Bowl MVP refer to first in his speech?

  • Teammates -150
  • God/Religion +150
  • City/Fans +1000
  • Personal Family +1600
  • Coaches +2800
  • Team Owner +4000

Another classic Super Bowl prop.  I always like taking teammates and this year is no different. I think it’s likely that either Mahomes or Hurts wins the MVP, and I think both guys would give credit to their teammates first in their speech.

As you can see the props just keep getting weirder.  Click here to go to BetOnline.ag to see all of the available props with up to date odds.

If you’re new to betting online check out our 3 step guide to betting on the Super Bowl in the USA to learn how to get action on the big game.

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