10 Weirdest Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets


One of the best things about the Super Bowl is the fact that you can bet on props for literally anything even remotely related to the game.  This year, BetOnline.ag really pushed the envelope with some very exotic prop bets for Super Bowl 53.  I’ve made my way through the entire list of prop bets at BetOnline (and it’s a long list) and have come up with my favorite 10 novelty prop bets for this years Super Bowl.

First of all, I should let you know how to find these bets at BetOnline.ag.

The novelty props are under ‘Sports’ -> ‘Game Props’ -> ‘Super Bowl’ at the BetOnline website.

#10 – What color shoes will Adam Levine wear for the Halftime Show?

  • White +120
  • Black +300
  • Brown +700
  • Blue +1000
  • Red +1000
  • Yellow +1200
  • Orange +1200
  • Green +2000
  • Purple +2000
  • Pink +2500

I have no clue what color of shoes Adam Levine will wear, but this is the type of prop that’s going to make me care.  I think white is a pretty safe bet, but who knows.

#9. How many times will Giselle Bundchen be shown on TV during the broadcast?

  • Over 1.5 +150
  • Under 1.5 -200

Whenever Tom Brady is in the Super Bowl this is one of the prop bets.  The over odds last year were -130, so at +150 I think there might be some value here.

#8. How many times will Donald Trump tweet on February 3rd?

  • Over 5 -110
  • Under 5 -130

Donald Trump tweeting props have become the norm for any big event these days.  It’s important to note that this prop includes the entire day, not just during the game.  I think over will be likely for the twitter happy president.

#7. Will Maroon 5 sing ‘Sunday Morning’ during the Halftime show?

  • Yes +120
  • No -160

The song would fit considering Sunday is NFL day in most American households, but it’s also a slower song that might not fit with a high tempo Halftime Show.  As much as the title might fit the event, I don’t see how they’re going to fit that song, which is over 15 years old and not one of their most popular.

#6. Will Nantz or Romo mention the betting spread during broadcast?

  • Yes +350
  • No -600

I don’t expect the broadcast team to mention the betting spread during the game, but if there was a year for this to happen it would be this one.  Sports betting has really gone main stream this year and you see sport shows more openly talking about spreads and totals than ever before.  I wouldn’t be shocked if Tony Romo mentioned the spread at some point.  At +350 it might be worth a small bet.

#5. Will Robey-Coleman be called for pass interference during the game?

  • Yes +250
  • No -400

After the huge missed call in the Rams vs Saints game, of course this is a prop bet for the Super Bowl.  I actually think he does get called for PI in this game.  The controversial play wasn’t the only time Robey-Coleman disregarded the ball and took out a receiver against the Saints.  I don’t expect him to change his game, so I think his luck will change and he will get flagged in this game.  ASt +250 I think it’s a good bet.

#4. Time to sing National Anthem?

  • Over 1 minute 50 seconds -120
  • Under 1 minute 50 seconds -120

This is another one of my favorite classic Super Bowl props.  This year I’m on the fence because at 74 years old, Gladys Knight doesn’t hold notes as long as some past artists.  Pink went for 1 minute and 53 seconds last year, and I think Knight will be shorter than that.  I like the under for this 1 minute 50 second prop.  I think a more accurate spread would be 1 minute and 45 seconds.

#3. Will “Romostradamus” be said during Live Broadcast

  • Yes +300
  • No -500

This prop bet made me laugh.  The ‘Romostradamus’ hashtag and nickname caught on after Romo predicted most of the Patriots plays on their game winning drive in OT.  That said, I don’t think anyone on the live broadcast is actually going to call Tony that, as it would likely cause a somewhat awkward moment and take away from the game, while also heaping more pressure on Romo to predict plays in the Super Bowl.

#2. What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

  • Clear/Water +250
  • Yellow +300
  • Blue +400
  • Orange +400
  • Red +600
  • Green/Lime +700
  • Purple +900

The classic gatorade shower prop.  I always take the water in this prop because I think the players should have some decency and not douse their coach with a sticky liquid before the trophy ceremony.

#1. Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech?

  • Teammates +200
  • God +300
  • Family +500
  • Coach +750
  • Owner +750
  • Fans +1000
  • Refs +5000
  • None of these things +350

Another classic Super Bowl prop.  I think it either comes down to teammates or God.  Last year Nick Foles thanked God first in his speech, and if another religious player wins the Super Bowl, I think there’s a good chance he mentions God first as well.  It’s between teammates and God for me, with coach as an outside possibility.

As you can see the props just keep getting weirder.  Click here to go to BetOnline.ag to see all of the available props with up to date odds.

If you’re new to betting online check out our 3 step guide to betting on the Super Bowl in the USA to learn how to get action on the big game.

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