Sports Action Betting

Sports Action is a sports betting program run by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, that is very similar to the proline betting program run in Ontario.  BCLC’s Sports Action game currently includes Oddset (moneyline betting), Point Spread (spread betting) and Over/Under (totals betting).  In British Columbia bettors must wager on 2 outcomes in order for the bet to be legal in Canada.

Sports Action is a lot of fun for the casual fan, but it is mainly a great way for the British Columbian government to make money from uninformed citizens.  The odds associated with Sports Action betting tickets are horrible compared to the odds that are given online.  This article will explain just how much better online sports betting is than Sports Action betting.

The Truth About Sports Action Betting

The cold hard truth is that Sports Action odds are not bettor friendly and set with the sole intent of making the government of British Columbia a lot of extra cash.

If you look at a typical Sports Action bet you will notice a great deal of extra juice.  For example let’s look at one NHL game at both, our top rated sportsbook for Canadians, and Sports Action.

Sports Action

  • Vegas Golden Knights 1.95
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 1.35


  • Vegas Golden Knights 2.40
  • Toronto Maple Leafs 1.61

As you can see the odds for both a Vegas win and a Maple Leafs win are more bettor friendly at Bodog than at Sports Action. The odds for the Maple Leafs to win are especially bad at Sports Action. It’s normal for the favourite to have extremely poor odds at Sports Action.

Let’s look at an example of a 3-team parlay wager with Sports Action vs

In this example we have taken 3 random games from both Sports Action and Bodog to set a parlay bet for a night of NHL games.  As you can see the exact same parlay card that pays out only $26.14 at Sports Action pays out $50.98 (wins $40.09) at

And don’t forget the payout includes the bet amount. The winnings at Sports Action are $16.14 compared to winnings of $40.09 at Bodog.

Betting With Bodog Won 2.48 Times More Than Sports Action On A $10 Bet!

Bodog is our top rated sportsbook for Canadian residents because they go out of their way to ensure that Canadians and all of their bettors are happy and enjoying their online betting experience.  Bodog is a trusted sportsbook that has served the Canadian betting market for almost 3 years.  Check out the full Bodog review.

6 Reasons To Bet Online Over Sports Action

1. More Money – This is a good enough reason by itself to stop betting with Sports Action and move your sports betting online.  The amount of extra money you will win online is enormous and you will also be able to keep better tabs on your wins and losses because the entire amount will be sitting online.  Just take another glance at the example and think about the money you are leaving in the BCLC’s pocket.

2. More Betting Options – With Sports Action there are only moneyline (regulation/shootout), spread and over/under betting options.  On top of this you must bet 2 games at a time, which can force you into making some poor betting decisions.  At an online sportsbook there are a ton of different betting options to choose from.  In a typical NHL game, Bodog will have 100+ bets you can choose from and you can wager on a single outcome at a time.

3. More Convenience – With Sports Action you have to make a trip to your local convenience store to place your bets for the evenings games.  At an online sportsbook you simply jump onto your computer, head to the website and place your bets.  It only takes a minute. You can deposit and withdraw via Interac at Bodog making it just as easy to bet on and cash out parlay tickets.

4. Higher Betting Limits – Sports Action caps bets at $100.  Online you can bet as much as you have in your bankroll.  If you find a sharp bet that you know is going to payout you are able to take full advantage when betting online.

5. Faster Payouts – With Sports Action if you manage to win a ticket you have to head back to the convenience store in order to cash it, which can be a hassle and take some time.  With an online sportsbook the money is automatically added to your online sportsbook cashier and available for your next bets.

6. Less Risk – People who aren’t betting online yet are often concerned with the risk.  The truth is that as long as you sign up with a respectable online sportsbook like any listed here at Sports Bet Listings you can be sure that your money is safe online.  With Sports Action if you lose your ticket that money is out the door.  And I know from experience how easy it is to lose a proline ticket and I expect it is just as easy to lose a Sports Action ticket out in British Columbia.