Mobile Sports Betting

Betting through a mobile device is set to surpass bets placed through a computer in the near future.  Being able to place bets without having to find a computer has been a major change in the sports betting industry over the past few years.  Mobile betting gives you the convenience to place bets from wherever you can get a cell phone signal.  Because of this huge shift every one of our top online sportsbooks offers a mobile betting platform that is automatically triggered when you visit their website on your mobile device.  Each of these platforms are extremely easy to use and player friendly.

With the amount of bets being placed on mobile devices these days it would simply be bad business not to offer a state of the art mobile betting option for players.

How Mobile Betting Works

Mobile betting is extremely easy.  You simple visit the betting site on your mobile device and you will be logged in to the mobile compatible version of the website.  You can then scroll through the mobile platform to find the bets that you are interested in placing.

I personally like to save my most used betting sites as icons on my phone in order to streamline the process and ensure I don’t miss any sharp betting opportunities.

Why Use Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting provides bettors with the convenience to place wagers when they are away from the computer.  Just think of the possibilities that mobile online betting will provide:

  • You are grabbing a beer with some friends at the local sports bar and decide you want to wager on the game.  Place your wager using mobile betting.
  • You are at an NFL game and notice from the sideline that the starting quarterback is struggling in the warm-up.  Take advantage using mobile betting.
  • You are on the bus and remember you didn’t place that wager that you feel is a sure thing.  Place the bet using mobile sports betting.

As you can see the situations where mobile betting is useful are endless.  Cell phone sports betting is the way of the future because there are so many possible uses.

Which Online Sportsbooks Offer Mobile Betting?

All of our recommended online sportsbooks offer mobile betting.  That said, my personal favourite is Bet365, while BetOnline also has a great mobile betting platform for American users.

Sportsbook Rating Bonus Review Visit
50% up to $1000 Review Visit
See Website for Details Review Visit

Bet365 Mobile Example

Here is an example of the Bet365 mobile betting platform with a couple of screenshots:

**I’m not permitted to display screenshots of the Bet365 mobile platform.  To see it visit on your mobile device.

BetOnline Mobile Bonus

BetOnline offers a risk free mobile bet of up to $50 to get you to try out their mobile betting platform.  If your first mobile bet loses your bet amount will be refunded as a free play for up to $50.

BetOnline Mobile Betting Promo