NFL Week 3 Roundup and Picks


OK, no time to mess around. First, an interesting look at the NFL and some more winning picks this week. We are on fire right now and must maintain it. I want to win you money.  Last week I went 4-1 in the 5 picks you can find in this article.

Replacement Refs

Big talk about the replacement refs this week. Their terrible calls are deciding games, and players and coaches are infuriated by it. But the players and coaches are not mad at the refs, nor is anyone that knows football. They are mad at the NFL, which is Roger Goodell. Since day 1, Goodell has been on a one man mission to destroy the NFL and he’s made great progress. To say he is not qualified for his job is like saying Erin Andrews ain’t bad looking. The refs are not qualified and they even know it. How could they be???? They never have done the job before at this level. The players and coaches feel sorry for these guys. How Goodell could ever let it get to this point is unexplainable.

Erin Andrews

Speaking of Erin Andrews, i did not mean to reference her as just a beautiful woman. I have always thought she has done a good job in sports. Frankly I think her work is a million times better than other women and most recycled men. When guys like Jim Rome, Skip Bayless and every other hack on radio or TV are considered knowlegable, i laugh. She knows more than all of them.
Fox picked her to host their attempt to get more into college football. Eddie George is OK. But Joey Harrington??? How does being the worst QB in football history qualify you for pre-game???? He gives Jesse Palmer and Kirk Herbstreet credibility. Anyway, i think Andrews does a great job and it’s just a small detail that she is beautiful.

Coughlin vs Schiano

Who was right??? Tom Coughlin or Greg Schiano????? This is a no brainer. Maybe when Schiano gets 2 career wins he can tell a coach with 2 Super Bowl rings how to play the game. Schiano is risking an injury to everyone trying to make a play that has never worked in NFL history.
He says it worked at Rutgers. What he didn’t tell everyone is that he never came close to recovering a fumble and that they were grossly offsides many times and if the ball came loose they couldn’y have recovered it legally. A penalty would have been called. Instead, the other team fell on the ball and declined the penalty. Then they ran out the clock. Now he has put a bullseye on his team. Smart move.

Person of Interest

Now, a subject that is very dear to me. On Thursay September 27th, the season premiere of “PERSON OF INTEREST” debuts on CBS. This is the greatest TV show of all time. Please tell me you watch it. If you don’t watch the show, track down the 1st season on the internet before the 2nd season starts. Jim Cavizil and cast are the best. It makes all other action-drama shows pale in comparison. Watch one episode and you are hooked. I guarantee it.

Week 3 NFL Picks

NFL LogoNow it is time to make some money. If you took my picks last week, you went 4-1 and cashed big time. Our only loss was by a half point. Time to get to work.
YEAR TO DATE: 4-1 80% + $1450

San Fran 49ers -6.5 at Minnesota from
This team is unreal. They are loaded on both sides of the ball and come to play every week. They don’t look ahead. Gore is running well. Smith is solid and the receivers get it done. the defense is stifling. Minnesota is terrible. They just nipped Jacksonville at home and got slapped at Indy last week. Peterson is a non-factor and their defense is nothing. this should be a blowout.

Detroit Lions -3.5 at Tennessee from
The Lions played respectable in San Fran last week. Stafford needs to play better and i think he will. They should stay committed to running the ball as well. The defense should contain an anemic Titans offense. If Stafford and Johnson get back on track, i see no reason not to hop on The Lions.

Cincy/Wash UNDER 50 pts in Washington from
Home opener for Redskins and i think they will be nervous. I think Shannahan will try to get running game going to calm down RG3. Cincy can’t get into a shootout so they will run the ball. I see the clock ticking a lot in this game. Teams can’t always play shootout and win. You need to win close ugly games. I see less points this game.

Denver +3 at home against Houston from
Now that Houston has beaten The Girl Scouts and Brownies, they go into Denver for a big game. I don’t think Denver got the memo that Houston has already won the Super Bowl like everyone else thinks. Denver, especially Manning, coming off a horrific game in Atlanta. They still came back that game. I think they know how big this game is and will be 100% focused. Manning shouldn’t give the ball away as much and this is a respect game. High altitude and a must win equals Denver for me.

New England +3 at Baltimore from
Everyone loves the Ravens this week. They think it is a revenge game from last year’s heart wrenching playoff game. Those people are stupid. This is 2 desperate teams that lost last week looking for a win against anyone. If a team is thinking about last year, they will get destroyed. Belicheck and Brady are used to ups and downs. They don’t panic. They watch film, correct mistakes and then win games. They are used to big games. Baltimore seems too emotional and that is not always a good thing. I see the Pats settling down and playing winning football. the Baltimore defense is good, but not as good as they think they are. I see the Pats coming into Baltimore and coming out with a win. I’ll still take the 3 points.

So there it is. Will i remain hot??? I sure think so. I pick with extreme confidence. That is why i win. All games are 550 to win 500.
We want to hear from you and are taking steps for you to participate. I guarantee you this will be the website everyone comes to. In fact, i would bet on it. Good Luck and God Bless. Matt.

Written by: Matt Caldwell

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