Week 2 NFL Roundup and Betting Picks


NFL LogoLet’s explore the things you need to know about the NFL right now. If you disagree with me, let me know and we will see what happens.

First thing is my prediction last week for the Thursday game for the Packers and their use of new RB Cedric Benson. I knew they had to commit to the run because Rodgers is shaky right now. They ran him a lot. They must have more balance. I wouldn’t get too excited about Green Bay. I’m not buying the defense and the offense is struggling. As for Jay Cutler, it’s business as usual.

Big games already this week. Can Tampa go 2-0??? Can the G-men go 0-2 and survive??? Should be interesting. Giants aren’t great as home favorites. But it’s a must win.

Can New Orleans go up against a mad Carolina team with high hopes for this year?? They laid an egg last week. Sophomore slump for Cam????

The most over hyped team of the year, the Houston Texans, stroll into Jacksonville Sunday. How can a team who has one playoff win in their history be considered so good??? They had injuries during the playoffs last year. BOO HOO. That happens to all teams. Either step up and get the job done or shut up. Look at their schedule. I could get 10 of my friends and go 8-8 with that schedule. They will get destroyed in the playoffs. MARK IT DOWN. The best team in the NFL are the 49ers. They play real football. Run the football and play D. Physical teams win championships. The pass happy days are over.

How could Cleveland let Weeden attempt to play QB for them?? If they change QB’S at half, they beat Philly by at least 10 last week. Weeden gives you no chance of winning.

How does Marvin Lewis keep his job year after year??? Pee Wee would be stretching his coaching skills. He didn’t fool me last year with their quick start. They backed into the playoffs and got beat by Houston, who had the water boy at QB. Fire that clown now. How many more years do you get, unless you are Mike Holgrem in Seattle.

I will be ranting and raving all year. I’m holding back so you see what a nice guy I am. Don’t worry, i will offend you at some point. I’m going easy on this article. That won’t last long.

Let’s get some winning picks going. I’m not telling how much to play. Money management is a scam to get you to bet more on some games. No pick is a sure thing. I don’t pick games unless I believe they will win. That’s the only criteria I use. Don’t let the Scamdicappers fool you. Bet smart and don’t lose what you can’t afford to lose. I bet the same every game for that weekend. Some weekends I might bet smaller or bigger, BUT ALWAYS THE SAME FOR EACH GAME. That has won me a lot of money.

Let’s look at some totals first. Remember that trends and stats can be helpful. But some mean nothing. Let me worry about that.

Week 2 NFL Picks


Baltimore at Philly total stands at 46.5 at 5Dimes. Baltimore had their Monday night coming out party after a tribute to Art Modell. A very emotional night and a poor opponent. People are infatuated with this offense. I still think they have kinks. Philly has a good defense. Their offense is struggling. Both teams can run the ball. Baltimore defense is solid. So here it is. Emotional letdown for Baltimore. Still working on new offense. A fast Philly defense. A struggling Philly offense and a good Baltimore D.

All of that means playing the UNDER 46.5 total. I’m going 550 to win 500.

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Dallas at Seattle total is 42.5 at 5Dimes. Dallas had an emotional win against the Giants. They have been sitting around for a while and must travel to Seattle. Seattle is foaming at the mouth after losing the game against Arizona by not getting in the end zone at the goal line with 4 chances. Dallas offense played one good half. I still don’t think they are good. Seattle has a great defense and can hold them in check. Romo is still a loser. Seattle has a terrible offense. Wilson has a lot to learn at QB. The Dallas D looks good. Seattle moves the ball on the ground through Marshawn Lynch. He is their main option. No real passing game. Both teams are committed to running the ball.  That eats away at the clock. I believe Seattle can hold them at bay.

So the play here is UNDER the 42.5 points. 550 to win 500.

One more total. Monday night game. Denver at Atlanta with a total 51 pts. Both teams scored a lot last week, but had a lot of help. KC out gained Atlanta but gave up 3 Matt Cassell turnovers that blew the game open when the Falcons scored off all the turnovers. They aren’t playing Matt Cassell this week. I don’t see a lot of gifts coming from Manning this week. Atlanta is a home team. The crowd noise could throw off the Denver offense. Denver looked good against a short handed Pittsburgh D that had no pass rush, couldn’t stop the run and didn’t cover a receiver all game. They still only put up 26 pts as well. I see Atlanta giving them a hard time. also, the short passing no huddle O chews time off the clock. Atlanta always runs the ball, which chews time up. They want to keep Manning off the field. Denver defense is good. Both teams will be protecting against the big play.

Once again, we play UNDER total of 51. 550 to win 500.

What we are doing is taking advantage of inflated total numbers, that if broken down like we just did, are way too high.
Let’s finish with 2 sides.


Pittsburgh is giving the Jets 5pts from 5 dimes in Pittsburgh. The Steelers lost a heart breaker to Denver last week. The Jets killed Buffalo at home.
The Steelers know they cannot go 0-2 to start the year. The home opener should be buzzing in Steel town. The defense will be foaming at the mouth after being embarrassed again in Denver. Two Pro Bowlers are back in James Harrison and Ryan Clark. They want to make a statement this week. Big Ben and the offense should be just fine. They moved the ball well last week, they just have to get touchdowns instead of field goals.
The Jets piled on the Bills. I still don’t see Sanchez as a good QB and Pittsburgh will rattle his cage all day. I don’t see the Jets moving the ball. Now the Steelers can defend the run or pass with guys back and they are one ticked off unit. The Jets will crumble under the pressure. They do it all the time when the heat is on, especially Sanchez. I have this game as a blowout. Only giving 5 pts is a gift.

Play the Steelers minus 5 pts. 550 to win 500. 

My final play has the 48ers giving Detroit 7pts from 5 dimes in San Fran. San Fran is loaded every where except Alex Smith. Now he has talent around him. He isn’t great but can get the job done. His teammates support him 100%. Their defense has no weakness at all. They physically beat you up every game. They are coached by Jim Harbaugh and his staff to perfection. What else can i say??
Detroit got lucky at home last week and nipped St. Louis. Stafford looked bad. They have no running game and their best player, Calvin Johnson is nursing an injury. I freely admit he is one of the best players in the league, but not this weekend. Home opener on Sunday night for San Fran equals big trouble for Detroit.

The play is San Fran minus the 7 pts.

So that’s a good start. I’ll be here all year long. I was pretty timid this article. The roof is going to blow up on this website. I want you to participate. I will give a lot of ammo to do so if you dare.

Written by: Matt

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