US Presidential Election Betting Line and How To Bet Guide

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The US Presidential Election is scheduled to take place on November 5th, 2024. The United States midterm elections took place in November of 2022, so the political media attention in the United States will now shift to the Presidential Election.

Donald Trump has declared he will run for a non-consecutive second term as President. He’s a slight underdog to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to win the Republican nomination. Joe Biden is also expected to run for a second term, but he has not officially confirmed his intent. Outside of those three main contenders politicans like Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg are being given an outside chance at becoming the next President of the United States.

Below I’ve looked at the odds for the US Election, touched on some other election related bets you can make, and provided a 3 step guide you can follow to get your bets placed on the 2024 US Presidential election online.

Where To Bet On The 2024 US Election

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US Presidential Election Odds

Here are the odds for the 2024 US Presidential Election from (full review) **odds taken in December of 2022. I’ve only included the top 9 contenders according to the odds in the list below.

  • Ron DeSantis +200
  • Joe Biden +350
  • Donald Trump +400
  • Kamala Harris +1300
  • Gavin Newsom +1300
  • Pete Buttigieg +2500
  • Gretchen Whitmer +2800
  • Nikki Haley +3500
  • Mike Pence +3500

Ron DeSantis is the early favorite with odds of 2-1 to win the US Presidential Election. These odds indicate an implied probability of 33.3% that DeSantis becomes the next President of the USA.

Biden is the second favorite with odds of +350 indicating an implied probability of 22.2% that Biden runs and wins re-election. Trump is the third top contender with odds +400 indicating a 20% chance he becomes the second President in history to win two non-consecutive terms.

Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom each have odds of +1300 indicating an implied probability of 7.1% either of these potential Democratic nominees becomes President.

The rest of the list, including current odds for the politicians listed above, can be seen on the website by selecting ‘Sports’ from the top navigation bar, opening the ‘Other Sports’ and ‘Politics’ drop down menus and selecting ‘Politics – Futures’ -> ‘U.S. 2024 Presidential Election’.

Some other US Election related bets you can make at BetOnline include who will win be the Democratic and Republican nominees, who will be the Vice President nominee for either party, and which party wins the Presidency.

How To Bet On 2024 USA Election Online

Follow these three steps to get your 2024 United States Presidential Election bets placed online quickly and easily.

Step 1. Join An Online Betting Site

The first step is to join an online sportsbook that is taking bets on the US Election.  For the purposes of this guide we will be using  They are our #1 rated betting site and they accept players from everywhere in the world (including the USA).  Check out our betting reviews section for more detailed information on all of the sportsbooks we recommend.

Click here to join  Fill out the form on the home page to open your account.

Step 2. Deposit Funds

Log into your new account and click the ‘Deposit’ button in the top right corner of the screen.  Select your preferred deposit method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bitcoin, etc) and follow the instructions to make your deposit.

You can use promo code BOL1000 when making your first deposit to receive a 50% matching bonus of up to $1000.

Step 3. Place Your Bets

You will find the US Election odds by clicking on ‘Politics Futures’ under the ‘Politics’ drop down menu in the sportsbook.

Here is what the odds looked like on the website after the US midterm election (taken December of 2022):

Select the politician you want to bet on, enter your risk amount on the Bet Slip, and click ‘Place Bet’ to confirm your wager.

If you’re new to betting online I’d suggest checking out our guide section for some beginner articles to help you get started.

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