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OK,  not a great week last week with our picks.  But no disasters with a small loss,  and certainly nothing we can’t come back from.  Still up money for the year and plan on breaking out.  We’ll get to picks after the roundup.


Let’s look at some of the teams that are seen as better and see what  their status is right now.


Undefeated, but have not played a quality opponent.  Still, they have all the tools and athletes to be one of the best teams.  Huge blow for them in losing star LB Brian Cushing for the year.  I do think they have the talent to come in and get the job done.  JJ Watt and the rest of the D will step up their game and Wade Phillips is a defensive genius.

The offense is balanced between run and past.  Great O line.  With Foster running and catching and Shaub throwing to Johnson and company,  they look good.  But,  can they get over the hump that they never have before?????


Ever since NE gave the Baltimore game away,  Tom Brady has that glare in his eye.  His is emotional and plays mad.  That’s not good news for everyone else.  The offense is now getting good run production now,  and that makes Brady even more dangerous.  The defense is the big question for this team.  If they can improve each game and let Brady do his thing,  look out for the Pats.


I can’t believe they are on the list, but here they are.  Ponder is playing the QB position brilliantly in his second year.  They have Peterson to run the ball,  solid receivers to catch the ball, including  Percy Harvin,   who is a potent return man as well.  The O line is doing it’s job and the defense,  who sucked last year,  is smothering opponents.  I don’t know if they will keep it up,  but they sure are good right now.

San Francisco

If  you have read my stuff before,  you know how i love this team and the way they play.  Good old fashioned punch you in the mouth football.  I was shocked when they lost to the Vikings,  but now we see that Minny is very good.  Their defense is unreal.  ALL over the field and everyone is good.  Smith and Willis are the big names,  but every guy on that defense is solid.  They are a nightmare to the opposing offense.

The offense looks great.  Smith looks great. Gore and Hartley  run behind a great line.  Vernon Davis is the best in the league.   They have Crabtree, Moss and Mannington,  and some great role players.  They have been crushing people after their loss,  and they still look mad.  Finally,  they are the best all around coached team in the league.  They sometimes settle for FG’s in the red zone instead of TD’s.  Against another great team,  that could cause problems.

Those are the teams i would be most scared of right now.  There are plenty of others that i could put up there,  maybe some you would.  Email me and let me know who and why.


I can’t help but comment on the Colts come from behind win last week against GB.  Their coaches first missed game do to leukemia,  and they come from behind to beat a heavily favored opponent.  It was very emotional to watch.  It also made me realize how under appreciated  Reggie Wayne has been his whole career.  He has always put up big numbers.  He never whines and complains. He doesn’t get arrested.  When Manning left,  he could have chosen any team to go to,  but he stayed put.  He is a class act.  His game last week was one of the best i have ever seen by a WR.  I say that because his catches were tough and not easy ones.  They were clutch.  Other guys don’t come through like that.  He willed his way to victory,  along with his teammates.  One last thing,  Andrew Luck is the real deal.



Well,  last week we limped home with a 2-3 week.  My consistency has been horrible. One great week,  the next poor.  Don’t think i don’t know.  No matter how much you bet,  you should be up a little.  A couple good weeks makes it all better.

13-10  ( 57% )    +  $1000     all picks are 550 to win 500

COLTS – 4  over the Jets

I know what everybody is thinking.  The Colts are do for a letdown after an emotional win and the Jets stayed within 6 of Houston.  HOGWASH.  the Colts are improving every week.  They are away,  which is good to settle down some of that emotion.  The Jets are terrible.  Houston should have killed them.  The Jets are reduced to  trick plays now that they have no QB or offense.  Fake punts, onsides kicks,  and reverses are a sign of desperation.  Now the Colts will be looking for that stuff.  The Jets scoring is reliant on kickoff returns now for points.  The Colts have that on film as well.  Finally,  i’ll take Luck over Sanchez  any day.  I think this stays close and i’ll take those points.

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RAMS + 4  over Miami

Once again,  we have everybody gushing over Miami.  They won last week and could have a much better record.  The Rams beat Seattle last Thursday and Jeff Fisher has had a week and a half to study Miami.  Fisher is  great game planner and i like that he has this time to prepare.  Miami is all excited to win after giving away 2 games in a row.  They are coming home with expectations.  They aren’t that good.  The Cincy team they beat last week was horrific.  Dalton was terrible.  Sometimes it is good to be the underdog in games like this.  I can’t see Miami being comfortable as the favorite.  I think the Rams take a mini vacation to Florida and at least cover.  I can’t see Miami blowing them out.  They make too many mistakes.

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PATRIOTS – 3   over Seattle

The Pats are mad.  Brady is playing mad.  Ever since the Pats D gave away the game to Baltimore,  they look different.  The defense has been improving.  Since Seattle has no offense,  there should be no problem. Seattle has played horrible of late,  only being saved by officials and Cam Newton.  Their D is good,  but no match for Brady and the Pats new running game.  NE  should outscore them handily.

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SAN FRAN/NYG  under 46 pts 

I don’t care how much better these teams offenses look,  these 2 teams kill each other.  No easy scores here.  I can’t see Manning throwing wild on the 49ers,  just like in last years  NFC  Championship Game.  Even the revamped San Fran offense will not be piling on points.  These 2 team play low scoring physical games,  no matter what they do against everyone else.  This game will be about being careful with the ball.  To me, all of that adds up to under.

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HOUSTON – 3   over Green Bay

Looks like a trap.  But i’ll call the bluff.  Everbody thinks GB is some great team waiting to bust out.  Not me.  Their famous offense seems rattled and their D is terrible,  no matter what any stat says.  Houston will stuff the Packs so called running game and then Rogers will be running for his life.  Houston has great cover guys,  but will miss Brian Cushing at LB.  I believe they have the depth to cover that up and Phillips is a genius D coordinator.

Houston’s offense should have no problem with the stat inflated,  no bite GB defense.  The same D that allowed the Colts to come back last week.  People think GB will be out for blood after last week.  That may be,  but they aren’t that good.  I think Houston is very disappointed by keeping the horrible Jets in the game last week.  At home, in prime time, I THINK KUBIAK WANTS TO BLOW SOMEONE OUT WHO IS CONSIDERED A DANGEROUS TEAM.

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Even if you get emails,  always check back on Sunday before the games for added games.

So let’s make more than peanuts and start this week.  Good Luck.   Matt


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