Sergey Kovalev vs Blake Caparello Betting Odds and Prediction

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Sergey Kovalev vs Blake Caparello Preview August 2

sergey kovalevThe Ravel Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey will host the WBO Light Heavyweight Championship fight this Saturday, August 2 when unbeaten titleholder Sergey Kovalev of Russia attempts to defend it against undefeated Blake Caparello of Australia. The 12-round bout can be caught live on HBO in America and Canada and on BoxNation in the United Kingdom. The hard-hitting Kovalev enters the ring with a record of 24-0-1 with 22 Kos while Caparello climbs through the ropes at 19-0-1 with just 6 Kos to his name.

The 27-year-old southpaw Caparello has a 1.5-inch height advantage over the 31-year-old, 6-foot champion and also has a 1.5-inch advantage in reach. In addition, he also has quite a bit more pro experience as he’s fought 163 rounds to Kovalev’s 70. However, the main reason for this is because Kovalev usually knocks his opponents cold while Caparello typically goes the distance.

The main difference between these two boxers is simply their power. The champion’s a knockout artist while Caparello is quite a light hitter. There’s not much chance of the challenger keeping Kovalev off of him with his power, but that’s the only chance he has. His height and reach advantages are quite minimal, but he hast to throw punches from angles, and try to outbox the powerful Russian. But if Caparello’s shots don’t have any sting on them it means Kovalev will simply walk through them to land his power shots.

Kovalev is also a fine boxer as he’s smart, fast and mobile and to make matters worse for Caparello he has a solid chin. If there is a knock against Kovalev, and this is no fault of his own, he hasn’t faced any elite boxers up to this point in his pro career. It could be argued that his record has been built up against Grade B and C boxers. Caparello is also quite mobile and has a good jab. He works hard in the ring and it’s worked for him up to now.

Caparello has to outbox the champion to win this fight since stopping him would take some type of miracle. Kovalev will box the way he always does once the bell rings to start the contest and he’ll be trying to cut off the ring. He’ll box when he has to, then trap Caparello on the ropes or in a corner and then wail away at the Australian both to the body and the head.

Caparello’s only chance really is to land quick flurries and get as far out of range as possible. He’s then going to have to do the same thing over and over again for all 12 rounds. If he can manage to do this is stay clear of Kovalev’s power then it could be a frustrating night for the champion.

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Everything points to a Kovalev victory here, but it might not be as easy as it looks on paper. Caparello could frustrate the champion by sticking and moving. He will have to have a hell of a chin to survive all 12 rounds though. While the challenger could give Kovalev some trouble over the first few rounds look for Kovalev to eventually make him trade punches with him. When this happens he’s either going to hurt Caparello enough to win the rounds or will stop him like he does most of his opponents. Either way, Kovalev remains the champ.


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