NFL Week 5 Roundup and Free Picks


NFL LogoWell, we made a good comeback in week 4  and profited quite well.  We’ll get to more of that later.


Lot’s of  quarterback talk this week.  Where to begin.  I told you Tony Romo  was one of the worst of all time.  I’ve been saying it all the time.  He came through Monday night again.  Still, people will still say he is a good QB.  HOW???????  1 playoff win in 7 years and gag after gag.  I was told he has a high QB rating overall for his career.  Better than Elway and Montana.  That shows how worthless that rating system is.

How is Mark Sanchez in the NFL???  He is not a leader and can’t throw the ball.  The Jets have no chance of winning with him.  Tebow is not much better, but they need a change.  They are in shambles.  Ryan took a good idea and went too far with all the talk.  His time is limited.  Also, does Jay Cutler have a mental illness???  He sure acts like it.  He is far from a great QB.

How does the Carolina defender go for an interception when it is risky and all he has to do is break up the pass?????  The Panthers go into Atlanta, have the game won, and lose because someone doesn’t know fundamental football.  As coach,  i would cut that safety.

Funny how much smoother the games ran with the real officials.  The only whopping bad call i saw was when Darren Sproles clearly fumbled on a kick off return.  It was brutal.  Green Bay got screwed again, although they still won.  There weren’t that many mistakes that were glaring.  Roger Goodell let this great game be officiated by Div 3 officials and it was horrific.  Roger Goodell doesn’t care about football and is a jerk.  He needs to go.


We made a good comeback week 4 with a 6-2 record.  That puts us at 11-7 (61%) and up $1650.  All my plays are $550 to  win $500.

We talked about starting over after a rough week, and we did well. We need to keep building our bankroll slowly.  No more disaster weeks.  Even if you are emailed picks, you must check back on Sunday for any added picks.  So let’s go make some money.


UNDER  45 points  Philly/Pittsburgh 

Interstate rivalry here.  Philly not scoring a lot of points these days.  They also run the ball which takes more time.  Pittsburgh is coming off  bye week. Their D is not playing well, but i think a week off got them focused.  They lost a shootout to Oakland last game, so i think Tomlin wants to get back to smash mouth football.  I see a slug fest with field goals instead of TD’s. Hit the under.

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CAROLINA -3 over Seattle

Carolina had Atlanta beat last week on the road and gave the game away.  They aren’t happy.  Seattle had their Monday Night miracle and then lost to the Rams on the road.  Seattle is one of the worst road teams in football.  They don’t score a lot of points.  At home they could win this game, but not on the road.  They will lose 2 games in a row after the miracle.  Take Carolina.

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CINCINNATI -3  over Miami

Miami gives away game in Arizona last week.  They must stay on road and travel to Cincy.  The Bengals are playing well and i don’t see Miami recovering from that loss right away.  Pretty cheap price to be giving with Cincy at home.  Miami getting way too much respect in this one.  The spread is fishy, but i will take the obvious.  Hop on the Bengals here.  Buy the half point if needed.

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JACKSONVILLE + 6  over Chicago

Chicago coming off Monday night game.  Must stay on road and go to Jacksonville.  The Bears won because of  Tony Romo Monday.  They aren’t that good.  Cutler will have a temper tantrum.  Jacksonville isn’t that good,  but that’s too many points to be giving on the road.  If  the Jags don’t turn the ball over,  they could win outright.  Take the Jags and the points.

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NEW ORLEANS -3 over San Diego

The Saints gave everything last week and should have beat GB on the road.  The O is fine and D  looked little a lot better. They are coming home and the crowd is still behind them.  They want this game bad.  SD has only beaten terrible teams and got wiped out bye Atlanta at home.  The Chargers are terrible on the road and this environment will be crazy.  Saints roll here.  Buy the hook if needed.

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So let’s take these 5 picks and do our best.  We must make a profit and move forward.  Good Luck!!!

Matthew Caldwell

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