Green Bay Packers New York Giants Week 13 Betting Odds and Prediction


Packers bettingNew York Giants Struggle against Green Bay Packers

Written by Greg Smith – 2011-12 NFL Prediction Record (13-4)

The latest team to challenge the Green Bay Packers and their unbeaten record will be the New York Giants this weekend. Let’s go through this important NFL matchup to decide if NFL bettors are wise to side with the Packers or the Giants in front of their home crowd.

First of all, the Packers continued to roll through their latest opponent as they defeated the Detroit Lions at home 27-15 last weekend. Green Bay’s standing in the power rankings stays at the top of the NFL (where it has been most of the season) and their record improves to 11-0, with six of those wins on the road. Even though Aaron Rodgers had a relatively tough time against the Lions in the first half of the game, he made adjustments to complete six of seven passes travelling eleven yards or more through the air en route to victory. It is important to note that Rodgers and the rest of the Packers have not necessarily stomped their opposition right from kickoff each game this season. Their opponents know what they’re up against and in many cases will spend extra time preparing to figure the best strategies to try and put an end to the Packers perfect season. Obviously there is nothing the Packers can do to prevent their opposition from preparing, but what they can do (and have demonstrated they do extremely well) is to create their own counter-strategies mid-game. Of course it helps when you have the stacked roster to work with that the Green Bay Packers possess. I believe this ability (both from a coaching perspective and a player-personnel regard) puts the Packers in a strong position to beat the Giants this weekend. Simply put, they have the coaching to recognize what needs to be changed during a game and the players with the skill set to implement those changes successfully. Looking at the Packers offensive rankings we can put some more detail behind their eleven successive wins this season. Green Bay currently stands 4th in total offensive yards, 3rd in passing yards and 1st in total points scored at an average of 34.7 per game on the season. One area of concern for the Packers would be that they stand only 28th in the NFL in regards to rushing yards gained. When we look at the entire scope of the Packers offence however, we understand that it’s natural their running game would be lagging behind the passing attack. When you have a QB like Aaron Rodgers that has a relatively tough game in week 12 and still comes in with a passer rating of 116.6 you may as well let him throw the ball to one of his many capable receivers.

Looking at the New York Giants, we have to point out that they are coming off a crushing defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints in what many considered to be a must-win game. One of my central sports betting beliefs is that emotion is as important in the world of sports as is physical well-being. With this in mind (and especially coming off a short week) it is my thinking that the Giants will be very low emotionally. This is not to suggest that the Giants are anything resembling a weak team, as they currently rank eleventh in total offensive yards fourth in passing yards and seventeenth in total points scored. Of course, their rushing game ranks thirty-second in the league which places a great deal of pressure on QB Eli Manning and his receiving corps. Although critics have been pointing out the Packers’ defensive statistics this season the point is they have been able to continue winning games and utilize backup players effectively. The central problems for the Giants this weekend will be that they are undermanned due to injury and their defence has been consistently underperforming-which shows in their losses. Statistically, the Giants defence is ranking 28th in total yards allowed, 26th in passing yards allowed, 24th in rushing yards allowed and 27th in points allowed per game. As far as injuries, we note that wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is probable, while running back Ahmad Bradshaw, wide receivers Mario Manningham and Jerrel Jernigan are questionable as is defensive end Osi Umenyiora, safety Derrick Martin and linebacker Michael Boley. Indeed, many experts are commending the will of the New York Giants players and coaching while pointing out that they are likely coming up short of expectations simply because of a short roster. I would consider the New Orleans Saints to be a reasonably similar team (both in skill set and style of play) to the Green Bay Packers and they moved the ball virtually at will against the Giants. As well, considering the Detroit Lions are currently ranked above the Giants as far as power rankings are concerned and we can see that most logical expectations would put the Packers not only winning this match in New York but reasonably covering the betting spread.

Prediction: Take the Green Bay Packers -7 against the New York Giants (

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