Warriors @ Cavaliers NBA Finals Game 3 Free Pick


So far, so good for the Warriors (and our picks) in the NBA Finals. The Dubs took care of business and covered in Game 2 and now we’re off to Cleveland, ready to crown the Warriors champions.

But first, two words of caution:

1) They say the series doesn’t start until someone steals one on the road and America gets free tacos. And that has not happened yet.

And 2) the Warriors were up 2-0 last year and won Game 2 by 14 more points than their measly 19-point win last night. We all remember how that ended.

Now we proceed, with caution.

Free Pick

In all due respect to the facts above, this looks like a sweep.

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr

The Warriors looked like a team in complete control of each of the first two games. Cleveland got up very early both times before Golden State casually took the lead midway through the first quarter and never gave it back. The Warriors seemed to have a lead between six and a dozen just about the whole way and whenever Cleveland got it closer, Golden State would go on a run as if it had the Cavs on a leash.

Then there was that point in the third quarter, actually those points because it happened in both games in Oakland, when Cleveland could fight no longer and Golden State claimed victory. I’m not sure Golden State will run Cleveland off of its home floor the way it did at home but the way in which the Warriors have won the first two games of this series is not typical of a competitive matchup.

Last year, Golden State blew Cleveland out in Game 2 and then Cleveland returned the favor in Game 3, winning by 30. It’s safe to say that will not happen again. This Golden State team has no capacity to be blown out. And that seems to be the difference between this year and last: the Warriors have the legs and the options to overcome anything that the Cavaliers may throw at them. They are beating Cleveland without really having to push themselves for it, yet.

But the Cavs will push Golden State in Game 3. They will bring everything they have behind a crowd that will do the same. The result will be the best game of the series and of the NBA season, the best team in the world being pushed to a height it hasn’t had to reach, yet.

And if it’s really going to be a sweep, we at least deserve that much. Dubs by six.

Free Pick: Warriors -3

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