Warriors @ Cavaliers NBA Finals Game 3 Free Pick


With two full days off in between each game and the Warriors looking to be in complete control of the series, the Finals has been more of a gentle reminder of the impending all-baseball summer than a climax to the NBA season.

JR Smith has been an easy target for most of his career but he really earned it this time around. After his blunder at the end of Game 1, the Cavaliers got crushed in overtime and then annihilated for all of Game 2.

Stephen Curry added his name to the postseason record book a couple more times in Sunday’s blowout. He made nine of his 17 3-point attempts to set two new Finals records. He also extended his active record of 88 consecutive postseason games with at least one tattoo. Curry holds the records for most 3-point attempts and makes in a 4, 5, 6 and 7-game series. He does not, however, hold the record for most 3s in a postseason game; that would be Klay Thompson, who made 11 of them in that famous Game 6 in OKC two years ago.

Curry has the inside track to the Finals MVP, which is appropriate to mention at this point because it’s apparent the Warriors will win this series. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is why betting is great! Is Cleveland even playable at this point? A lot of people don’t seem to think so, which has me wondering if there could be a smidgen of value left with the Cavs.

Free Pick

From a competitive standpoint, the only real question left in this series is whether or not the Cavs get swept. Cleveland’s players and fans, alike, feel that so it’s hard to believe the Cavs won’t come out playing full-throttle from the tip in Game 3.

Golden State, meanwhile, was in this position, up 2–0 going on the road, in each of the first two rounds against San Antonio and New Orleans. The Warriors did win Game 3 against San Antonio, but only after a slow start. In both series, they dropped one of the two games on the road.

This game might not have the feel of a game between two teams that each feel like they have a realistic shot at winning the title. The fans are going to be hyped up to try and get a game and at least feel like they’re back in the series and the players will want to give them that.

The Cavs have to come out with a purpose right from the outset; Golden State certainly does not, and often times when it doesn’t have to, it doesn’t. Cleveland is a pick in the first half, despite being a 5-point ‘dog for the entire game. The Cavs should come out with more urgency, get more whistles and win the first 24 minutes.

Free Pick: Cleveland 1H (PK)

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