Very Early 2012-13 NBA Championship Odds and Prediction


NBA PredictionsI know it’s only mid August, but with all of the changes that have already occurred in the NBA this off season the talks are heating up as to which team will win the 2013 NBA Championship.  Steve Nash going to the Lakers have made them serious contenders in many peoples minds, while the growth of the Oklahoma City Thunder is another scary thought for other teams in the Western Conference.  In the East if the Bulls can stay healthy and have Derek Rose in the playoffs with them this year it could make advancing to the finals much more difficult for the Miami Heat who were already forced to the brink by a Boston team that has added Jason Terry.  The last time Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy he won the Championships with the Mavs and this year he already a tat of the Celtics logo with the basketball replaced with the Larry O’Brien trophy.  Needless to say there are a few teams who have a shot at the Championship.  Let’s take a look at the odds right now according to

2012-13 NBA Championship Odds

  • Miami Heat +225
  • Los Angeles Lakers +275
  • OK City Thunder +550
  • Chicago Bulls +1000
  • San Antonio Spurs +1600
  • Boston Celtics +2200
  • Los Angeles Clippers +2200

To see the odds for every single NBA team click here.  That being said it would be extremely surprising if one of these 7 teams did not win the NBA Championships next year and I do not advise betting on anyone else because in the NBA the best teams almost always win.

2012-13 NBA Championship Prediction

First of all let’s eliminate some teams.  The Clippers are a solid team that will dummy some lesser opponents in the regular season, but I don’t think they have the experience yet to stick with the big boys in the playoffs.  Look at least year, they were pushed to the brink by Memphis before crumbling to the San Antonio Spurs.

The Celtics are another team I don’t think can win the title.  They are getting older and although they have brought in Jason Terry to replace Ray Allen another year on the bodies of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will not help them.  Rajon Rondo will need to take control if this team has a shot.

The Spurs are another team that is likely too old this year.  They couldn’t seem to find their game after the Thunder stopped their amazing run through the playoffs last year and it will take something special for them to find that same mojo again.  And this year the Lakers are another serious contender which means just getting out of the West will be even more difficult.

The Bulls were without Derick Rose in the playoffs last year and he is in the discussion for best player in the NBA.  Of course that hurt them and they exited in the first round to the 76ers.  This time around if Rose can stay healthy they should be a difficult challenge for the Heat in the Conference Finals.

The Thunder came close last year, but ultimately couldn’t get it done in the finals.  The team is the youngest in the NBA and that experience should help them again this year.

The Lakers added Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the off season, so they now seemingly have it all.  A world class point guard, one of the best power forwards in the game in Pau Gasol, arguably the best center in Dwight Howard and arguably the best scorer in Kobe Bryant.  That being said just adding players doesn’t bring you a championship.  Just look at the Miami Heat of 2011.

The Heat are still the team to beat.  They struggled a little bit without Chris Bosh against the Boston Celtics, but when he returned everything seemed to come back together and the Heat went on to win the Championship.  If they can stay healthy the Heat will once again be the team to beat.

As for placing bets I personally like the Heat at +225 and the Bulls at +1000.  I think the Bulls are being overlooked after their first round exit last year, but when they have Rose they are a different team.  Also, the Lakers haven’t proven anything yet other than simply adding players and if there is one thing I have learned from watching sports for my whole life, just putting the best players on a team doesn’t necessarily bring home championships.

Play: Heat +225 and Bulls +1000 (

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Written by: Niko de Jonge

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