Cavaliers @ Warriors NBA Finals Game 1 Free Pick


A pair of Game 7 victories on the road sets up the NBA Finals matchup that was really refreshing to think wouldn’t happen. Alas, the Warriors will meet LeBron James for the fourth consecutive June. Of course, Game 1 will be played tonight, on the last night of May.

It wasn’t that close last season, after the Warriors added Kevin Durant. It’s expected to be even more lopsided this time around now that Kyrie Irving isn’t around.

You’ve got to risk 10 to win 1 on Golden State in the series. We haven’t seen a favorite like that since the three-peat Lakers with Kobe and Shaq.

So if we’re really got to do this again, let’s get on with it.

Free Pick

The first quarter of the NBA Finals is hardly a first punch; it’s more like taking the first step toward the middle of the ring, but Cleveland better get out there early.

The Cavs did come back from a big deficit two years ago but they have to believe that the only way they possibly make this thing a series is if they get out there and throw a haymaker or two before the Warriors get their guard up.

Meanwhile, Golden State probably won’t come out with its head on fire, at least not based on how it has played all regular and postseason. At least, that’s what my eyes tell me; the Warriors have heard so much about how they’re lackadaisical and uninterested and don’t turn it on until they really have to, so maybe they’ll make it a point to start fast.

This is hardly a surefire winner but I’m estimating here. Golden State gets tougher as the series goes on; LeBron James knows that better than anybody. He’s going to get some Durant, a little Klay Thompson, a taste of Kevon Looney and maybe even Andre Iguodala, if the series ever reaches the point where the Warriors feel they really need him. LeBron won’t wait around. The Warriors are at home but that’s about the only reason they may come out going HAM right off the tip. I just don’t expect it.

So I did find the first quarter line appealing and I’m going to take it tonight.

Free Pick: Cleveland 1Q +4.5 (-120)

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