Indians @ Twins June 16 Free Pick


Welcome back to the bases, ladies and gentlemen. The theme of tonight’s play is perseverance.

I’ve been missing in action for as long as I have because I was infected with Malaria. Most of the world’s population is still exposed to Malaria, including Uganda’s, which I am currently a part of.

Let me tell you people, you can survive with mildly late response time and half decent medication but it takes some gusto, and a little bit of dumb luck.

Well, there’s a guy on the mound who’s got a little bit of both tonight. And I’m looking to get behind his left arm.

Free Pick

Nikolas Carlyle Turley was born in La Canada, Canada on September 11, 1989. Just about 19 years later, he was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 50th Round of the 2008 Draft.

It’s a good thing he was because Nik, as he’s more commonly known, was off to BYU to pursue a career of chastity and subpar DI Baseball.

Instead, he signed with the Yanks, the former team of his distant relative, Bob, who won 21 games and a World Series with the Bombers in 1958.

He got to AA Trenton in 2012 and then went down, and up, and down again before getting his shot with the Minnesota Twins in June of 2017, via the Chatanooga Lookouts. Nike Turley spent some of 2008, some of 2017 and the eight full years in between in the minor leagues before he made his his big league debut last weekend against the San Francisco Giants.

Chase your dreams, folks. Go out there, give it your all and don’t ever give up. Nikolas Turley is a man on a mission and he will reward the franchise that let him realize his lifelong dream with a jaw-dropping performance against last year’s American League champions and the Twins’ chief rival in the AL Central.

And if he doesn’t, there’s always a chance Carlos Carrasco throws a shutout.

Free Pick: Under 10.0 (-120)

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