Chad Dawson vs Bernard Hopkins Betting Odds and Prediction

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betting on chad dawsonBernard Hopkins vs Chad Dawson Preview Apr. 28

Chad Dawson will be taking on Bernard Hopkins in a rematch on Apr. 28 at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. Their first bout, which took place last October, was one of the year’s shortest, but most controversial fights. Dawson lifted Hopkins off of the canvas slightly in the second round and slammed him to the mat. Hopkins said he suffered a shoulder injury and couldn’t continue.

Dawson was then declared the winner by a second-round TKO and took Hopkins’ WBC Light Heavyweight belt with him out of the ring. However, the WBC later changed the result to a no-contest and Hopkins was reinstated as the champion. Dawson said Hopkins faked the injury and it was his way of getting out of the fight, but it turned out that Hopkins had dislocated his left shoulder.

The 47-year-old Hopkins, who’s the oldest man in history to own a world championship, will attempt to defend his belt against the 29-year-old southpaw challenger again after a rematch was ordered. Dawson will enter the ring with a 30-1 record with 17 knockouts, while fellow American Hopkins brings a 52-5-2 record with him with 32 knockouts.

Dawson said he didn’t think Hopkins was ready for him last year and didn’t expect him to be so aggressive. But he added that he plans on starting exactly where he left off when the bell rings to start the fight on Saturday night and he hopes Hopkins comes to fight. Hopkins said he isn’t really interested in what Dawson has to say and will let his fists do his talking instead. He said he doesn’t really have much to say and will just go out and take care of business.

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Hopkins hasn’t looked too impressive over the last few years even though he is the champion. He throws very few punches and when he comes out on the wrong end of a decision he’s always got an excuse ready and doesn’t stop crying about being robbed. He’s known as an experienced fighter, but some opponents and fans feel the only experience he uses in the ring are dirty tactics.

He’s done well to survive in the sport for 24 years though, but if Hopkins beats Dawson it’ll likely be Dawson’s own fault. The way to beat Hopkins is to simply make him work all three minutes of every round because he just doesn’t have what it takes to keep up with that type of pace. He picks his shots, which are very few and far between, and usually lulls his opponents into a snooze fest.

They figure if Hopkins only throws 10 punches a round they just have to throw 15 to beat him. However, the opposite is true; anybody who puts them pressure on Hopkins from start to finish should be able to beat him. Hopkins has never been knocked out and Dawson said he’s not going into the fight to stop the champion, but wants to beat him decisively every round.


Dawson has the advantage in speed, height, reach, athleticism, and reflexes, and it’s his fight to lose. However, if he doesn’t take advantage of his skills he could find himself in trouble. The same could be true if he underestimates Hopkins. If Hopkins comes to fight for a change and throws more than a couple dozen punches a round it could be an interesting battle. But when the final bell rings Dawson should be the new light heavyweight champion by a relatively close decision.


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