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UFC Betting ExplainedWelcome to the MMA betting section of  MMA coverage has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years mainly due to the success of the UFC, which has successfully brought all of the top fighters in the world together under one logo.  MMA betting is very straight forward and this section will provide you with all the tools you need to bet on MMA fights and hopefully turn a profit.

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How to Bet on MMA

MMA betting is extremely straight forward.  Two fighters get into a cage and battle it out until one is declared the winner.  There are no score totals so handicapping and over/under betting are out the window when it comes to MMA and UFC betting.  MMA money line bets are really the only choice when it comes to picking a winner in a UFC fight.  Prop bets are also available, but they are limited as well because there aren’t very many MMA statistics you can wager on.  Both MMA money line betting and MMA prop betting are explained in more detail below.

MMA Money Line Betting

MMA money line betting is the only option for bettors wanting to place wagers on which fighter will win a bout.  Each fighter will be given odds to win the fight by the bookmakers and wagers on favourites will obviously payout less than wagers on underdogs.  Here is an example:

B.J. Penn -325
Frankie Edgar +250

In this fight B.J. Penn is the heavy favourite.  In order to win $100 betting on B.J. Penn you must wager $325.  In comparison, Frankie Edgar is the underdog and a wager of $100 on Edgar would win you $250.

MMA betting is a simple as it gets.  Place a bet on which fighter you think will win, then if their arm is raised at the end of the fight your bet pays out.

MMA Prop Betting

Prop betting is gaining popularity in the MMA as fans are becoming more interested in the finer details of the fights.  MMA prop betting lines are mainly only offered on higher profile UFC fights such as main events or title shots.  A couple examples of UFC prop bets include how the fight will end (decision, TKO, submission, etc) and which round the fight will end in.  Prop betting can add a lot of extra excitement to UFC fights because you, as a bettor, are that much more interested in the details of the action.

Bet on MMA

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