EPL Odds

Here you will find up to date English Premier League odds for every match throughout the EPL season.  These odds are taken directly from Bodog.eu online sportsbook, a solid online bookie, so they will always be up to date and ready to use!  That being said our top rated English Premier League sportsbook is Bet365.com and we suggest that you visit Bet365.com to compare odds and check out EPL props and futures lines.

The odds are displayed in the American style odds format, which is the most common odds format in North America.  To learn more about American style odds and other odd formats check out our sports betting odds page.

Betting on English Premier League matches drives up the viewing excitement and the prop bets really immerse you in the finer details of the game.  It’s no coincidence that the English Premier League is one of the most wagered on sports leagues in the world.

Bet365 is our top rated EPL online sportsbook because they offer the most Premier League betting lines, while accepting accounts from bettors around the globe.

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We here at Sports Bet Listings are constantly striving to provide you with the best sports betting resource on the internet.  This includes providing predictions and previews on several of the higher profile English Premier League games throughout the season.  Visit our sports betting predictions page to see what our writers have to say about upcoming Premier League games and the EPL season in general!