NHL Betting Tips

The NHL is a league where anything can happen and anyone can win on any given night.  In order to be a successful NHL bettor you must understand this and not get frustrated if you string together a few losing nights.  The key to NHL betting is betting on quality lines.  Only wager on lines that you feel give you a positive expected result over the long run.  If you can do this then you should have a successful online NHL betting career.  On this page you will find some NHL specific betting tips.  Visit the general betting tips page for more tips that relate to every sport.

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#1 Research Significant Player Injuries

Star player injuries can sometimes play a significant role in how a team performs.  On the other hand, it can also affect how the bookmakers set the lines for the game.  It’s your job to determine whether the missing player is of greater importance to his team than the amount the bookmaker adjusts the line because of his absence.  A great example of a player who has shown in the past that his team has a difficult time winning without him is Daniel Alfredsson.  In the past few seasons when Alfredsson has gone down to injury the Senators winning percentage has dropped significantly.  If a player like Alfredsson, who is of greater importance to his team than his stats and star status might indicate you should wager against the Senators.  On the flip side, Alexander Ovechkin is a great example of an extremely high profile player whose team has not missed a beat when he has been out of the line-up.  Wagering on the Capitals while Ovechkin has been out in the past has yielded greater returns because the bookmakers have adjusted the lines according to the public’s view of Ovechkin’s importance to the Capitals.

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#2 Research Starting Goaltender

Teams generally have very similar winning percentages regardless of whether they are starting their top goaltender or a backup.  The general public view may be to bet against the team that is starting their backup, which is the reason why more often than not you should wager for the team starting the backup goalie because the betting lines will be adjusted in that teams favour.

Here is a great site for starting goaltenders.

#3 Bet the Underdog

This tip is more of a general observation than something you should do every night.  In general you should wager on the underdog more often than the favourite.  The NHL is such an even league that anything can happen any given night.  By wagering on the underdog you will obviously lose more bets, but the return on the wins will be higher, which should result in a positive return if you choose the right dogs.

#4 Compare Odds

This has to be said at the end of every sports betting tips article.  It is absolutely vital that you shop for lines if you plan on being a successful online sports bettor.  Sign up at about 3 of our recommended online sportsbooks then simply compare the lines before placing your NHL wagers for the night.  Every little advantage you can get over the bookie is huge when it comes to having a positive ROI betting on hockey.