NFL Prop Betting

Of all major sports around the world prop bets are most prevalent in NFL football.  Just look at the number of Super Bowl props available each year and just how crazy some of the propositions are.  You can bet on anything from the coin flip to how many times certain celebrities will be shown on TV during the Super Bowl, and that’s not even touching on the prop bets that are actually affected by the game.  This article will look at some of the various prop bets that you can wager on in a typical NFL game.

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50% up to $1000 Review Visit is my favorite online sportsbook for betting on NFL Props. BetOnline is known for having a huge selection of prop bets available for every NFL game, and that amount balloons to a ridiculous amount of the Super Bowl. Here are some examples of prop bets from a typical NFL game:

NFL Team Props

I’ve broken the NFL props examples into team and player.  The team props are affected by the teams playing in the game, while the player props generally are only affected by specific players stats.

Here are some very typical NFL team prop bets:

  • Which team scores first?
  • Which team scores last?
  • Will the first score be a touchdown?
  • Will the last score be a touchdown?
  • Will someone score in the first 7 minutes?
  • Will the team that scores first win the game?
  • Will a safety be scored in the game?
  • Will total points be odd or even?
  • Which team makes a longer field goal?
  • Over/unders on total field goals made.
  • Spread bets on first downs made.
  • Will there be a 1-yard touchdown in the game?
  • Will there be a kickoff returned for a touchdown?
  • Will either team convert a 4th down?
  • 1st turnover is a fumble?
  • 1st turnover is an interception?

And that is only the tip of the iceberg.  As you can see the list can be a little overwhelming and it is meant to be because I wanted to show you that you can literally bet on almost anything that will occur in a football game.  Each of these prop bets are available on every NFL game throughout the season at

NFL Player Props

Yes, that other list was only the team list.  Now here are some examples of player prop bets you can make on individual games: (I’m using an old Bills vs Dolphins game as an example)

  • Ezekiel Elliott rushing yards over/under 65.5.
  • Travis Kelce scores a touchdown?
  • Travis Kelce pass receptions over/under 4.5.
  • Patrick Mahomes TD passes over/under 2.5.
  • Patrick Mahomes passing yards over/under 325.5.
  • Many More.

As you can see most of the player props will involve over/unders on players performances or head to head match-ups with other players.  These are a lot of fun and can be somewhat similar to playing fantasy football.

There you have some examples of NFL team and player props from individual games.

Then you also have the season long prop bets.  Over/unders on the number of games a team will win or yards a player will rush.  Will the Patriots win their division?  Will a specific head coach be fired?  They just keep going.  Football is the sport with the most prop bets because NFL fans are generally die hard and care about every little aspect of the game.  There are also so many stats that there are endless prop bets that can be made.

Can NFL Props Be Profitable

The short answer is yes.  You can see the massive number of prop bets available and the truth is that if you know the game inside and out you will be able to find a few props that give you an edge.  Oddsmakers simply don’t have enough time or effort to make sure all of the odds on their countless props are exactly accurate.

That said, because of this you will often notice more juice on NFL prop bets than on side plays.  This is to give the sportsbook a little more room for error on their odds.  But I do know a lot of successful bettors who make most of their profits betting NFL props.  If you are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the game there is no reason to think you can’t find some sharp prop bets.