2013 Kentucky Derby Early Odds

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2013 DerbyThe Kentucky Derby is still a week and a half away, but that doesn’t mean it is too early to start placing some wagers on the winner of this massive horse race.  The horses that are to be competing in the race aren’t even completely finalized yet, but there are odds up for 20 potential winners.  Let’s take a look at the odds for the favorites and look at their resumes so far.

Verrazano +400

Verrazano didn’t race as a 2 year old, but he has been tearing up the racetracks this year as a 3-year old and is nearly everyones favorite to win the Kentucky Derby this year.  Verrazano won each of the four races he participated in this year (one each month), and has posted some very good times.  He hasn’t yet run a race as long as Derby though, but each race he has competed in has been slightly longer so it looks like he is being worked up to the Derby.  Check out his times here.

Orb +600

Orb is the other main early favorite for the 2013 Derby.  He has also won his last four races, which date back to December of 2012.  Like Verazano he hasn’t yet ran a 10 furlong race, but he has worked up closer to it and looks like it shouldn’t be much of an issue for him.  Verazanno ran the 1 1/8 mile in 0.6 seconds faster than Orb last month, which is why he is currently the favorite over Orb.

Goldencents +1000

Goldencents is the first horse on this list who didn’t win all of his races this year.  In fact he finished 4th in a race just over a month ago, but in his most recent race he was extremely fast.  In the Santa Anita Derby Goldencents ran a 1:48.76, which is 1.5 seconds faster than Verrazano last did the same distance.

Revolutionary +1000

Revolutionary has won his last 3 races as well and actually posted a better time in the 1 1/8 mile last month than Verrazano.  He is a horse that seems to be coming into his own at the right time and is a real threat to win the Derby.

Normandy Invasion +1000

Normandy Invasion is a horse who hasn’t crossed the finish line first this season, but his times in the 1 and 1/8 mile have been solid, so if he gets the killer instinct in the Derby and has the legs for the extra quarter mile he could easily win the race.

Overanalyze +1000

Overanalyze has posted a good time in the 1 and 1/8 mile, but that was back in December of 2012.  He then finished 5th in a race just over a month ago and followed that up with a win at the Arkansas Derby, but not with the best time you would see.  I am not overly high on this horse at this price.

After that there are many horses with odds of +1600 and higher.

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