Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter Betting Line and How To Bet Guide

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Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter are scheduled to fight in a celebrity boxing match on June 12th. This seems to be the summer of celebrity boxing with Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather and Bryce Hall vs Austin McBroom also taking place in early June.

The Odom vs Carter fight seems to be the strangest of the fun boxing events with neither guy an A-list celebrity at this point in their careers. That said, it’s an interesting match-up that will build some buzz leading up to fight night.

Below I’ve outlined the odds for the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter fight and provided a simple 3 step guide you can follow to bet on the Odom vs Carter boxing match online.

Where To Bet On Odom vs Carter is the only quality betting site that I’ve seen currently taking bets on the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter boxing match.

MyBookie accepts players from everywhere in the world, including the United States. They are a popular offshore betting site that is licensed in Curacao and has been in business since 2014.

Aaron Carter vs Lamar Odom Odds

Here are the odds for the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter boxing match from (odds taken on May 25th):

Fight Winner Odds

  • Lamar Odom -280
  • Aaron Carter +185

Lamar Odom is a -280 favorite as the bigger man with an athletic background. Based on these odds Odom has an implied probability of 73.7% to win the fight. Aaron Carter is the underdog with odds of +185 indicating a 35.1% chance of winning the fight. The extra 8.8% is the vig.

If you think Odom wins this fight more than 3 out of 4 times then you should bet him at these odds, while if you think Carter has a better than 35% chance of getting the win you should bet him at +185.

The odds will change leading up to fight night on June 12th. You can find the up to date odds at by selecting ‘Boxing’ from the sports menu and scrolling to 06/12.

How To Bet On Odom vs Carter Online

Follow this three step tutorial to place your bets on the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter boxing match online within minutes.

Step 1. Open A Betting Account

First you will have to create an account with an online betting site that is taking bets on Odom vs Carter. For the remainder of this guide I will be using They are a popular and trusted betting site that has odds available for the fight.

Click here to visit, select ‘Place Bets’ or ‘Join Now’ and fill out the registration form to open your account.

Step 2. Deposit

Next you will have to fund your account with the money that you want to bet on the fight. After logging into your MyBookie account click on the ‘Deposit Now’ button. Choose your deposit method, enter the amount, and select if you want to opt-in to one of the bonus offers. Then go ahead and complete the instructions to make your deposit.

MyBookie accepts Visa, MasteCard, American Express, Bitcoin, ETH and more. You can cash out winnings through cryptocurrency or wire transfer.

Step 3. Place Your Bets

It’s time to place your bets. You will find the Lamar Odom vs Aaron Carter odds by selecting ‘Boxing’ from the sports menu and scrolling down to the fight odds on June 12th.

Select the odds of the fighter you want to bet on and enter your bet amount on the Bet Slip. If you are happy with the risk and potential win amounts go ahead and click ‘Place Bet’ to lock it in.

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