Unibet is a popular online sportsbook that has been in business since 1997.  When opening a new Unibet account you are given the option of entering a Unibet promotional code.  The promotional code actually does nothing and in order to receive the free £20 bet at the Unibet sportsbook you must sign up to Unibet through one of our exclusive links.  Follow the instructions below to receive the  £20 free bet at the sportsbook, as a bonus of up to €100 at the Unibet Casino and €500 at the Unibet poker room.

Updated: January 15th, 2013

Unibet Promo Code

Unibet Promo Code Sign Up Guide

  • Step 1: Exit your current Unibet registration window.
  • Step 2: Visit Unibet through this EXCLUSIVE LINK that activates the bonuses.
  • Step 3: Register for a Unibet account.
  • Step 4: Leave the Unibet promotional code field BLANK when signing up.
  • Step 5: Fund your Unibet account.

What Does Your Exclusive Link Get Me?

All players who register an account through one of our exclusive Unibet links receives a variety of bonuses.

Bonus #1: You receive a free £20 bet to use at the Unibet Sportsbook.  This means that if you lose your first Unibet wager it will be reimbursed up to £20.

Bonus #2: You will receive up to €100 free at the Unibet Casino.  You can transfer money from your Unibet sportsbook account to your Unibet casino account and that transfer will be matched as a bonus by Unibet up to €100.

Bonus #3: You will receive up to €500 free at the Unibet Poker Room.  This means that when you transfer money to the Unibet Poker Room your first transfer will be matched up to €500.

The exclusive link also earns you new bonuses if you decide to transfer funds to play at the Unibet Bingo Room.

Unibet Promotional Code Video

Sportsbook Bonus Conditions

  • Your first wager at Unibet must lose in order to receive the reimbursement.
  • Your reimbursement of your first bet will match your first bets stake up to £20.
  • I suggest you bet on a big underdog for the full £20 in order to get the most value out of your free bet.
  • For more information on Unibet check out our Unibet sportsbook review.

Overall Rating of the Unibet Promotional Code Bonus

8.7 out of 10

The €20 risk free bet is a great promo for the Unibet sportsbook because it is awarded regardless of the initial deposit amount. It can also turn into a very large bonus if you hit on a large underdog, which is the best way to use the risk free wager considering you only receive the winnings of the bet added to your account. When you add in the €600 of bonuses available at the Unibet casino and poker room the Unibet promo code bonus becomes that much sweeter.

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