Super Bowl Betting

Information to bet on the Super Bowl

The NFL is the only one of the top four professional sports leagues in North America (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) that decide their champion with just one game.  This single game is so important that it needs two weeks of media coverage leading up to it.  Restaurants sell out of wings days in advance because of the countless number of Super Bowl parties occurring in every city and town over the United States and Canada.  To many diehard fans football isn’t just a sport, but a way of life.  These are all the reasons why the Super Bowl is the single most wagered on game in the world every year.

Betting on the Super Bowl almost seems like it’s part of the game.  Whether it’s placing a big wager online or just making some friendly bets with friends.  No matter what Super Bowl party you are at, I can guarantee you will hear how much money each person at the party has on which team.

Check out our 3 step guide to betting on this years Super Bowl here.

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Super Bowl Futures Betting

It is possible to wager on the Super Bowl winner for the entire year leading up to the Super Bowl.  The Super Bowl champion odds will change throughout the season as the public’s view of a team’s chances to win the title that year change.  If you can get your money in on a long shot early in the season because you believe they have the talent to turn it around, you could be in for a very big payday come Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Prop Betting

The amount of prop bets available for the Super Bowl is just ridiculous.  You can bet on the coin toss, individual player performances, team performances and even how many times a specific celebrity will be shown on television.  You can even bet on what song will be the first and last to be played at the half time show.  Prop bets are a ton of fun, especially for the Super Bowl, because the variety is nearly endless.

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