MMA Betting Tips

Anderson SilvaThe newest and fastest growing sports in the world is MMA (and more specifically UFC) and we expect this sport to continue to gain followers and move even more mainstream in the coming years.

What you’ve got is 2 warriors ready to throw-down inside a steel cage.  There are fists and feet flying everywhere, all-out brawling action, blood flowing, dramatic finishes with no shortage of devastating KO’s…What’s not to like?

But, even as you enjoy the free-for-all nature of the rumble, you have to ask yourself- where is the smart money betting here?

And largely due to its volatile, unpredictable, anything-can-happen nature MMA/UFC can be a challenge to bet on to say the least but never fear because today we’ve compiled a list of our…

Top Five UFC/MMA Betting Tips

These tips should help you become a profitable MMA bettors, but you will need to do a ton of research and fully immerse yourself into MMA in order to beat the sportsbooks.

1. Prop bets are actually your best bets

The facts are these…In this combat sport anyone (and yes, that means any favorite- Jones, Johnson, the list is too long) can lose at anytime.  Undefeated records don’t last very long in this arena and even tough, tested champions can get knocked out or submitted in less time than it takes to find your remote and that means that picking the winner, unlike boxing, is never a sure thing!

Picking the round or the probable ending (KO, TKO, submission, decision, etc.) is actually a much safer bet and usually comes with much tastier odds that will make your payoff that much sweeter.

 2. Take the unorthodox fighters who are on a roll

If you’re bound and determined to bet the straight-up Winner then dodge the Tough Guys/KO Artists who take one to give one or are always looking for a steady diet of ground & pound and look out for the multi-skilled fighters who can end the fight in any number of ways (Silva, Jones, GSP) and who are on a roll of 3- 4 or more consecutive wins.  In any MMA/UFC match the surest direction to lay your money is with the fighter who can finish his opponent at any time and comes at his man from every conceivable angle.  Pay particular attention to fighters who possess superior defensive skills matched to rock solid striking, strong submissions and deadly ju-jitsu.

3. Obvious mismatches abound

Anytime a man enters the cage without at least 2 of the requisite skills (especially but not exclusively when they lack either legitimate striking or wrestling ability) against a well rounded, experienced MMA/UFC opponent (Couture vs. Tucker anyone?) then listen up….BET THE RANCH BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AND WILL NOT HANG!

4. 1st Fight losers often make rematch winners

Not always but wait for those especially tight bouts where both fighters seem capable of winning (Faber/Cruz) no matter the initial outcome.  The defeated fighter has often learned more than his opponent and is always just a little bit hungrier for the victory and will therefore make greater, more focused advances in his pre-rematch training. Remember that the 1st match has to be a close one before you bite on this and lay your money down.

5. Bet conservatively in most cases

Hey, it’s MMA/UFC and crazy s**t happens all the time.

One kick, one punch, one guillotine choke and it is all over no matter who you are (Fedor) so when you do make that decision to bust open your piggy bank and lay it on the line just keep that in mind and bet the present not the future.