MMA Prop Betting

UFC/MMA is taking the world by storm and of course we all love to tune in and enjoy the wild madness that can only be captured inside that cage/ring.

Prop betting puts you deeper into the action than a standard bet on the fight winner and will often result in you cheering against your chosen fighter if they are about to win in the wrong round or via the wrong method of victory.

If you are a strategic MMA bettor who can understand each fighters path to victory and picture how the fight could play out then prop betting is right for you.

Below I will provide full examples of two of the most popular types of MMA prop bets that allow you to take advantage of predictions relating to how a fight will play out. I’ve included examples using odds from

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Round Betting

Round betting involves wagering on a fighter + the round they win the fight in (or if they win by decision).

Here’s an example using the Sean Strickland vs Paulo Costa fight from UFC 302:

This is a main event so there are more round betting possibilities than in a typical 3 round fight.

In this example, the most likely outcome is that Strickland wins the fight by decision. This outcome has odds of +150.

If you believe Costa will find his striking range early and get a quick knockout you could also bet on Costa to win in round 1 at odds of +900. Or if you think Costa could be outclassed early, but keep enough power in his striking to get a late knockout you could bet Costa in round 5 at odds of 30-1.

Be sure to study each fighter’s tendencies in order to try to find value.

Has either fighter gone the distance before? Do both have KO power? Do either have a string of 1st round KO’s? Does one fighter gas if they don’t finish the fight early? There are many things to consider when round betting.

Method of Victory

Method of victory involves wagering on the fight winner + how they win the fight (finish, knockout, submission, decision, etc).

Here is an example using the method of victory odds for the Strickland vs Costa fight (odds from

In this example, Strickland to win by knockout is considered the most likely outcome at odds of +140. If you think Costa has the size and power to get his own knockout you could bet him at odds of +300.

Play the fight out in your mind and try to consider each fighters paths to victory. The method of victory props can result in big payouts and if you have a good idea of each fighters potential road to a win you can earn betting the method of victory prop.

Other Prop Bets

Betting sites will offer a wide selection of prop betting options, especially for the high profile fights. Here are a few of the other propular MMA prop bets you can generally place, including brief explanations:

  • Method + Round – This is a bet that combines the two props I outlined above. With this wager you bet on the fighter to win + the method of victory + the round they win in. Needless to say the return can be significant on this prop.
  • Alternate Total Rounds – This is a bet on the length of the fight. If you want to bet a different total rounds you can often do so in the prop betting section.
  • Fighter to win Split or Majority Decision – Do you think Strickland will win a decision, but it will be a tight fight with one judge giving the fight to Costa. You can place this bet at

Prop bets are interesting to consider if you’ve been doing your research and want to have some fun along with your action.