MMA Prop Betting

GSP Submission

UFC/MMA is taking the world by storm and of course we all love to tune in and enjoy the wild madness that can only be captured inside that cage/ring.

But remember that exactly because of the vicious, violent, brawling, almost no-holds-barred reality of this sporting enterprise, the eventual outcome is quite often very difficult to accurately predict.

Your pick is looking like it’s going to cash and then…


There goes your boy, lights out before he even hits the canvas.

Everything is going according to plan then one slip and….


And he goes tap tap before you can say……NOOOOOoooooooooo!

And that’s why today we want to explain the relative merits of conservative prop betting when it comes to your next MMA/UFC Fight Night!

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Round Betting

Obviously, in UFC Championship Bouts you have a 1 in 5 chance of correctly guessing the ending round even if you close your eyes and throw a dart at a board and those kinds of odds aren’t bad!

With just a bit of careful study of the fighter’s tendencies you’re going to increase your chances and make this bet a real winner!

Has either fighter gone the distance before?

Do both have KO power?

Do either have a string of 1st round KO’s?

And yes, in non-title bouts those odds are 1 in 3 if you can get ‘em!

If you can’t cash in on that then you’re watching the wrong sport.

Method of Finish

Betting on the method of the fight’s finish, i.e. KO, TKO, Submission, Decision, DQ, etc.

Now this is definitely a more difficult proposition and, once again due to the UFC’s controlled chaos in a cage, can be a serious challenge to accurately predict.  The very Good News is that this prop bet will often have the most favorable odds depending on each fighters tendencies regarding how and if they have finished their past fights.

When you are able to figure out how the fight will likely play out (one fighter has KOed his last 5 opponents, one is dominant at submissions, etc.) this can be a very attractive moneymaker with limited risk.

Strange Prop Bets

Remember that prop bets can, and often do, go in some fairly unusual and specific directions (exact time in the round- 1st half/second half, which hand/foot completes the KO, which fighter gets bloody…first, etc.) and while not all these bets are always offered by reputable books or with solid odds they are all interesting to consider if you’ve been doing your research and want to have some fun along with your action.

Straight bets in UFC can be reasonably sure…sometimes…if the other guy doesn’t land the punch of his career but prop bets are a blast always!